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Huddle Up Sports

Jim, the man behind Huddle Up Sports has become known as "Big Johnson" in the world of sports betting. He's been professionally handicapping for over 13 years and playing for 23. He's become a monster force in the business since taking over Huddle Up Sports 4 years ago. Although he's made money for thousands of people in baseball and basketball, he excels in football. "The Huddle" understands how important Mondays are, so we start working on Monday night games as soon as the lines come out. Besides dominating Monday night football, we also excel with our specialty, the High Roller Total. At nearly 80% last year, the High Roller Total is well worth the small investment as you'll get all our regular winners plus the easiest total on the board.

Huddle Up Sports
Monday Ready

15-8 with Locks since the Super Bowl!

We Know more than football.  We prove it again Today with our basketball

Saturday 2-0 with HRT and $100 Winner UCLA

Friday Lock winner Toronto and HRT winner NO/Portland over

Thursday Lock Lock Loser Utah.  4-0 with our best bets
HRT winner Connecticut/Temple over

Wednesday Lock winner Michigan

Tuesday Stubbed our Toe. Lock loser Marquette and HRT loser Kentucky/LSU under.  Wednesday we bounce back big

Monday Lock winner Kansas and HRT winner NC/Notre Dame over

Sunday Lock winner Iowa

Late Saturday Lock winner Creighton and HRT winner Vandy/Florida over
Early Saturday Lock loser Oklahoma HRT winner T exas Tech/OK State over winner
Friday Lock Winner Yale and HRT winner Brown/Penn under
Thursday Lock loser Cincinnati
Wednesday Lock winner Marquette HRT stubbed the toe
Tuesday Lock winner Tennessee and HRT winner ND/Virginia under
Monday Lock winner Baylor and HRT winner Sac-Mil over
Sunday Lock winner Marquette
Saturday Stubbed our toe
Friday Lock 3-1 with sides Lock winner Maryland.
Thursday 2-3 Lock winner Cincinnati
Wednesday 2-2-1 BUT Another Easy Lock winner Oklahoma State with our sides
Tuesday 5-0 Lock winner Georgia Tech with sides
Monday 4-1 Lock winner Texas with sides
Super Bowl Lock winner Kansas City


Monday College Basketball:
Guaranteed College Basketball VP Lock
Covers or Tuesday is free
4 Basketball Best Bets


High Roller Total/Totals
Guaranteed  HRT: Louisville/Florida State
Covers or Tuesday Night totals are free

    3 Best Bet Totals

Packages available from Huddle Up Sports

Monday Guaranteed Totals

Monday Totals

High Roller Total
Louisville/Florida State
Wins or Tuesday Night totals are free
3 Best Bet Totals

Guaranteed Monday VP Lock

Monday Night Ready

Bread and Butter VP College BB Lock

Locks covers or Tuesday is free

4 Basketball Best Bets

Huddle Up Sports Weekly


Get a full week of winners from Huddle Up Sports!

Get every single play including "Special" information games and the High Roller Total line and Regular update

Just $199

Monthly Package

Huddle Up Sports Tournament Package

4 Weeks of all our picks

Including any "SPECIAL" $100 Games, all our Locks, High Roller Total updates,  and plenty of best bets. One Low price to maxamize winnings

Just $399


NFL/College Football Season Package:

Just $999

Football right through Super Bowl Game
Almost 10 weeks of winners
February 2nd

You get ALL our Basketball and Football plays. Every BIG Lock, every guarantee, BOWL Package, every High Roller Total, and every $100 Special Infromation game we have right through the Super Bowl

Free play from Huddle Up Sports

Free Play: Houston -14 NBA
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