Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies

Los Angeles Dodgers000320000571
Colorado Rockies0005104010121Final
Scoring Summary
4th Inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - Lux doubled to left center, J. Turner scored.
Los Angeles Dodgers - Raley homered to center (472 feet), Lux scored.
Colorado Rockies - Rodgers homered to left (425 feet).
Colorado Rockies - McMahon singled to left, Blackmon scored and Story scored, Cron to second.
Colorado Rockies - Márquez doubled to deep right center, Cron scored and McMahon scored.
5th Inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - Muncy walked, Betts scored, T. Turner to second, Seager to third.
Los Angeles Dodgers - J. Turner sacrificed into double play, right to right to shortstop, Seager scored, T. Turner thrown out at third.
Colorado Rockies - Story singled to center, Rodgers scored, Blackmon to second.
7th Inning
Colorado Rockies - Cron doubled to deep right, Blackmon scored.
Colorado Rockies - Hilliard homered to center (438 feet), Cron scored and Díaz scored.
Los Angeles Dodgers Batting Summary
M. Betts, CF4110010.275.377.502
C. Seager, SS4110011.281.375.450
T. Turner, 2B3100010.318.365.502
M. Muncy, 1B3000111.251.371.533
J. Turner, 3B3110100.276.360.467
W. Smith, C3100001.268.378.515
G. Lux, LF4110101.243.324.372
L. Raley, RF3111201.182.250.288
A. Barnes, b - PH1000000.218.307.356
W. Buehler, P2000002.108.171.138
J. Bruihl, P0000000.0001.000.000
B. Graterol, P0000000.000.000.000
A. Pollock, a - PH1000000.296.351.507
C. Knebel, P0000000.000.000.000
A. Vesia, P0000000.000.000.000
E. Phillips, P0000000.000.000.000
A. Pujols, c - PH1000000.240.288.442
Colorado Rockies Batting Summary
R. Tapia, LF5000000.273.329.367
B. Rodgers, 2B5221102.288.335.481
C. Blackmon, RF3120000.266.345.414
T. Story, SS5210101.249.326.476
C.J. Cron, 1B5420100.277.372.533
R. McMahon, 3B4110200.258.337.454
E. Diaz, C3010011.233.303.464
S. Hilliard, CF4111302.202.279.455
G. Marquez, P2100201.250.250.404
R. Stephenson, P0000000.000.000.000
J. Sheffield, P0000000.000.000.000
R. Ruiz, a - PH1000000.175.252.283
T. Kinley, P0000000.000.000.000
Y. Daza, b - PH0000010.282.329.357
D. Bard, P0000000.000.000.000
L. Gilbreath, P0000000.000.000.000
Los Angeles Dodgers Pitching Summary
W. Buehler3.275510274-492.58
J. Bruihl0.111100010-63.52
B. Graterol1.020000218-143.52
C. Knebel1.00000019-52.82
A. Vesia0.224012024-162.41
E. Phillips1.100000220-132.89
Colorado Rockies Pitching Summary
G. Marquez4.065514487-464.32
R. Stephenson1.00000018-53.40
J. Sheffield1.000000115-112.49
T. Kinley1.000000012-74.59
D. Bard1.000000011-75.19
L. Gilbreath1.010000112-83.65

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