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Hawkeye Sports

Hawkeye Sports

Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven. From the Missouri to the Mississippi, the Hawkeye State is our Field of Dreams and the birthplace of our love for the game. Playing, coaching, announcing, us a field and we will come! 356 days a year The Hawk is your Heartland Hammer for football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. If they play it, we love it and seeing is believing.


Welcome to Hawkeye Sports, the home of your Heartland Hammer...365 Days a Year!

Monday's Winners from The Hawk are Up and Ready!!!

Thursday NBA: 10* Cavaliers (W), 5* Warriors/Cavaliers ov (W)
Thursday MLB: 10* Orioles (W), 5* Yankees (W), 5* Dodgers (l)
Gold Wing Play: Texas Rangers (W)
Friday MLB: 10* Rockies (l), 5* Mariners (W), 5* Rangers (W)
Gold Wing Play: Oakland Athletics (W)
Saturday MLB: 10* Yankees (W), 5* Angels (W), 5* Giants (W)
Gold Wing Play: Kansas City Royals (W)
Sunday NBA: 10* Cavaliers (W), 5* Cavaliers/Warriors ov (l)
Sunday MLB: 10* Rays (l), 5* Twins (W), 5* Angels (W)
Gold Wing Play: Chicago Cubs (W)
Monday MLB: 10* Rockies (W), 5* Mariners (l), 5* Indians (W)
Gold Wing Play: Houston Astros (W)
Tuesday MLB: 10* Cardinals (W), 5* Mariners (l), 5* Red Sox (l)
Gold Wing Play: Milwaukee Brewers (l)
Wednesday MLB: 10* Indians (W), 5* White Sox (W), 5* Nationals (l)
Gold Wing Play: Miami Marlins (W)
Thursday MLB: 10* Tigers (W), 5* Giants (W), 5* Phillies (W)
Gold Wing Play: Cincinnati Reds (l)
Friday MLB: 10* Pirates (W), 5* White Sox (W), 5* Rockies (l)
Gold Wing Play: St Louis Cardinals (l)
Saturday MLB: 10* Brewers (W), 5* Indians (W), 5* Athletics (W)
Gold Wing Play: Torornto Blue Jays (W)
Sunday MLB: 10* Cubs (l), 5* Reds (W), 5* Mets (l)
Gold Wing Play: Colorado Rockies (W)


The Hawk's MLB Daily Service for Monday

10* Hammer: Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays at 7:10 EST

5* St Louis Cardinals @ Kansas City Royals at 8:15 EST
5* Toronto Blue Jays @ Colorado Rockies at 8:40 EST

Hawkeye Sports THE GOLD WING PLAY $35

The Hawk's Gold Wing Play for Monday

Los Angeles Dodgers @ Pittsburgh Pirates at 12:35 EST


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Get 4 Full Weeks of Winners from Hawkeye Sports!!!
7-8 Daily Service Updates plus 7-8 Gold Wing Plays Every Week!!!

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Free Selection from Hawkeye Sports

Monday's Free Selection: Philadelphia Soul - 22 1/2 (Arena Football)

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