Cutting 7 down to 4!

So here we go, It is the final week of the College Football regular season and the way things played out, it looks like we have 7 teams that still have a shot to make the College Football Championship Playoff. So how will it play out? Lets take a look at the 7 teams and how they can make the playoff and where we expect them to end up.

We will start out with the easiest two.

1. Alabama – The Crimson Tide are in. The current #1 seed will make the playoff no matter what happens to them this Saturday against Florida in the SEC Championship. The only thing that could possibly change is their seed. If they would happen to lose to the 24-point underdog Gators this weekend, I could see them maybe dropping to the #2 seed instead of #1.

2. Ohio St – That brings us to the current #2 Buckeyes. The entire playoff scenario would be a lot easier if Ohio St was playing in the Big-10 Championship game but because of losing the tie-breaker to Penn St, the Buckeyes will not play again until December 31st. No matter what happens, the Buckeyes are in the playoffs. Their seed is almost locked also. The only way Ohio St moves off the #2 spot would be if Alabama loses in the SEC Championship game. Then maybe they go to #1. Ohio St could also maybe drop to #3 if there is a very impressive win in the ACC Championship by Clemson.

Then we have the next 2 possibilities

3. Clemson – The Tigers situation is simple. Win your in, lose and you go bowling instead. Clemson will be taking on Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship on Saturday. They find themselves as a 10½ point favorite. If they win, they pretty much are locked into the #3 spot. There is a slight chance they jump over Ohio St with a huge W over the Hokies. Also there is a small chance they drop to #4 if they sneak past Virginia Tech and Washington wins big over Colorado. If Clemson gets upset this weekend, they will drop out of the Top 4 and will be playing in a bowl game instead.

4. Washington – Just like Clemson, the Huskies pretty much have a win and in, lose and your out situation. We will know about Washington sooner that the others since they will be playing Colorado as 7½ point favorite on Friday night in the Pac-12 Title game. As I mentioned with Clemson, only a dominant performance by the Huskies and a slim win by Clemson, could get the Huskies to #3. If Washington would lose they would be out of the playoff picture. So could Washington win and not make the playoff? I think it is a slim chance. They would have to barely win and have a blowout win by either Wisconsin or Penn St in the Big-10 Championship Game.

5. Michigan – Just like Ohio St, the Wolverines will be sitting back and watching football this weekend and seeing how the games play out and for that matter their playoff fate. Of the 7 playoff teams listed here, I think they have the lowest chance of making the playoff. The only chance I see of Michigan making the playoff would be if both Clemson and Washington lose this weekend. That way both the Big-10 Champion and Michigan would make the playoff putting 3 Big-10 teams in the playoff 4.

6. Wisconsin & 7. Penn St. – I put these two teams in the same paragraph for one reason. Their future pretty much plays out the same way. To make the playoff they are going to have to win the Big-10 Championship Game (Wisconsin is a 3 point favorite) and they will need either Clemson or Washington to lose. There is a slim chance that if whoever wins this Saturday’s match-up is dominant and Washington squeaks by, they could get to #4. The only difference I see between these 2 teams would be a scenario where Clemson and Washington both lose. If that was the case, the committee may put Penn St above Ohio St in the Rankings because they are the Big-10 Champs and also beat the Buckeyes during the regular season. If Wisconsin would win in this situation, I think Ohio St stays at #2 and Wisconsin would go to #3 since Ohio St won the heads-up match-up between the Badgers and Buckeyes went to Ohio St in OT. I think either would jump Michigan because they would be the Big-10 Champions and each would have 2 losses.

So with that being said how do I see things playing out? I am going to lock Alabama in at #1 and leaving Ohio St at #2. Then I expect Clemson and Washington to get Ws also securing their #3 & #4 spots. IF I were going to pick an upset out of the 2 of those games it would be in the Pac-12 match-up with Washington and Colorado. So instead of having three Big-10 teams in the playoffs, I expect only one and it won’t be the Big-10 Champ. I would put the Big-10 Champ at #5 and Michigan at #6. Then as long as Oklahoma beats Oklahoma St, they would move to #7.

With that being said, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a 8-team playoff. We would have those 7 teams and then add undefeated Western Michigan as the top ranked small school team getting things going the week before Christmas. So it would be Western Michigan at Alabama, Oklahoma at Ohio St, Clemson hosting Michigan and the Big 10 Champ (Wisconsin or Penn St) would go west to take on Washington. They just like we have now the Semi-finals could be played on New Year’s Even like they are already and the Championship date would also remain the same. Even better, I would prefer the quarterfinals being played on New Year’s Eve, the Semi-finals would be on the following weekend and the Championship would be played on the same weekend (Saturday) that the AFC & NFC Championships (Sunday) are played. That would make for an incredible weekend off Championship football! Now don’t forget all of our CFB & NFL action all season long here at Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get all of our winning hoop and hockey action by purchasing our plays on, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck!

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