Can the Champs Bounce Back?

After the best regular season record in the NBA season, the Golden St Warriors are just one loss away from their season coming to an end without their targeted prize of a back-to-back Championship. Oklahoma City has taken it to the champs pretty well in their first 4 games of the series taking 3 of 4 include two wins at home by more than 20 points. Is there any way that the Warriors can win 3 straight over the Thunder? Lets take a look at what they have to do.

First of all, if you look at the odds, Vegas hasn’t given up on Steph and Company quite yet. They are an underdog in the series (+245) but that is relatively small compared to what most teams down 3-1 would be. For example, Toronto is only down 3 to 2 against Cleveland and they are +1500 to win the last two of the series. To put it in another light, the Cincinnati Reds were +325 to beat the LA Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw this past Monday. They didn’t win, but only lost 1-0. For that matter the Tampa Bay Lightning are +190 to win tonight’s Game 7 of their NHL series against the Penguins.

So why has OKC been successful in the series so far? Of course the injury to Steph Curry has played a major part. He is obviously not 100%. During the regular season the 2-Time reigning NBA MVP Curry averaged 30.1 pts/game. He shot 50.4% from the field and 45.4% from outside the 3-point line. Compare that to his numbers in the series. Against the Thunder in the playoffs, Curry is averaging 24.3 pts/game, shooting 44.6% from the field and 37.% from three. Curry’s numbers are down, but so are the entire team. The Thunder has slowed down the #1 Offense in the league. During the regular season, the Warriors averaged 114.9 pts/game. In the playoffs, prior to the Thunder series, they were averaging 114.3. Now in this series, those numbers have dropped to 104.8 in this series. During the regular season the Warriors scored 121 points in both games versus the Thunder. Lets compare all of the offensive numbers for the Warriors from the regular season to the first two rounds of the playoffs to the OKC series.

Regular Season – 114.9 pts/game 48.7 FG% 41.6 3-Pt FG%
1st 2 Rds Playoffs – 114.3 pts/game 48.0 FG% 40.7 3-pt FG%
Thunder Series – 104.8 pts/game 44.3 FG% 35.6 3-pt FG%

Turning those numbers around will be tough for the Warriors but the bulk of it will follow the lead of their leader. If Steph can heat up, the entire team’s play will pick up. Tonight they are at home, where they went 39-2 during the regular season and 7-1 during the playoffs. They get this one, then they have to go on the road and steal one in OKC. If they do that, they are back home for the decisive Game 7.

So do you think they can do it? They way the Thunder is playing my money would be on the No, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. I just hope we can finally see a couple good games instead of the blowout after blowout that we have been watching over the past month. I am already a hockey fan and the NBA has given me no reason to turn away from NBCSN or NBC this playoff season! Either way the games go, make sure you get all the winners throughout the playoffs, along with the MLB all summer long by purchasing our plays on, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck.

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