2013-14 Football Predictions

By Razor Sharp Sports

It is that time of the year! Time for the Freeplays.com Handicappers to make their football predictions. Last year we had one handicapper, Totals 4 U, predict the Super Bowl match-up even though he had San Francisco beat Baltimore it was pretty impressive since they were the only handicappers to have either team make it to the Super Bowl. We did have 3 handicappers that predicted the BCS Champion, Alabama. They were Razor Sharp Sports, Vegas Steam Line and Arthur Ralph. None of the three, or for that matter the 10 handicappers, had Notre Dame make the Championship game. So with that being said, lets take a look at our handicappers predictions for the 2013-14 season.

This year we had 8 handicappers make their predictions for our article. Those handicappers were Mike Wynn Sports (MW), Razor Sharp Sports (RS), Jim Feist Sports (JF), #1 Sports (#1), Hawkeye Sports (HS), Kenny Towers (KT), Vegas Steam Line, (VSL) & Teyas Sports (TS). To shorten this up a bit, each time we talk about the handicapper we will use just the abbreviation.

Lets start with the NFL Divisional Winners. Last year we only had 1 team that was predicted by all 10 handicappers to win their division. That was the New England Patriots in the AFC East. They did just that by 5 games over the next closest team. That being said, Houston, Green Bay and San Francisco were selected by 9 of 10 handicappers last year and they also won their respective divisions. So this year we have 2 teams that were selected by all 8 handicappers. they were the Houston Texans in the AFC South and the Denver Broncos in the AFC West. There were also two teams, New England & Green Bay Packers, that was selected by 7 of 8 handicappers. Only HS had the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East and #1 Sports has the Detroit Lions in the NFC North. In the other division in the AFC, the North, there were 3 different teams selected. 4 teams had Cincinnati (MW, JF, HS, & TS), 3 had Pittsburgh (RS, KT, & VSL) and #1 had Baltimore. Switching over to the rest of the NFC, the South and West were split by two teams. The South had 6 Atlantas (MW, RS, JF, #1, KT & HS) and the other 2 had New Orleans (VSL & TS). In the West we had 5 San Franciscos (JF, #1, KT, VSL & HS) and the other 3 had Seattle (MW, RS & TS). Finally the NFC East had 3 teams picked. There were 4 Giants (RS, JF, #1, & KT), 3 Cowboys (MW, VSL & HS) and 1 Redskins (TS).

We aren’t going to go thru all of the wildcard scenarios but they are listed below. Of all of the predictions only 4 teams were predicted by all of our handicappers to make the playoffs. They were of course the two teams that were picked to win their division by everyone, the Texans and Broncos, along with the Falcons and 49ers.

So how about the Super Bowl predictions. Can anyone do what Big Time Sports did in 2011-12 or Totals 4 U last year and predict the two teams that make the Super Bowl? Of our handicappers this year, we have 3 teams picked by two handicappers to take home the Lombardi Trophy, The Denver Broncos, the San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans. HS & TS has Denver, JF & #1 has San Francisco and MW and VSL had the Texans. There were also 2 handicappers that had the Broncos losing in the Super Bowl (JF & #1), 2 had the 49ers losing in the Super Bowl (VSL & TS), 2 with 1 having the Texans losing (RS). The other two teams that got picked to win it all was the Atlanta Falcons by RS and New England Patriots by KT.

Switching over to College Football and the BCS Championship has been a very popular spot for the Alabama Crimson Tide over the last few years, winning the title 3 of the last 4 years. For many of our Handicappers, they expect Nick Saban’s group to get to the title game again. 6 of the 8 have them playing in the title game with 5 having them winning their 3rd straight title (MW, RS, KT, HS & TS) and VSL having them losing in the title game. The other teams our handicappers have winning the title is Ohio St by RS (4 others have them losing in the championship – MW, KT, HS & TS), South Carolina by Jim Feist & Clemson by #1 Sports

So there are the 2013-14 Freeplays.com Football Predictions. What do you think? Do you agree with them or would you go some other way? What is your biggest surprise? Which handicappers do you agree or disagree with the most? Now don’t forget to get all our incredible football action all season long each day by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by watching our Free play videos on FreeplaysTV and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to Freeplays.com and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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