Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

Little Man Tran has proven himself in the football. He is the orignator of the Triple lock update Guarantee. Two Years ago Golden Dragon nailed double digit 3-0 lock parlay winners as well as many 2-1 Lock updates. Last year was just as successful. Others have tried to duplicate Golden Dragons Triple Lock update and tried to steal the thunder, but no one has come close to it's success rate! This year is going to be even better as we put a lot of time and money back into the program.


Less is more.  ONE GAME, ONE LOCK - PLAY it hard

We Just started back up and little Man Tran is Rolling

Small price to pay for one unloadable game

Covers or Tommorows Penthouse Gold Game is Free
One Game, ONE Big Lock Winner


LSU/Tennessee CBB

 Penthouse Gold  Just $79

Packages available from Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Weekly Package

Get a full week of winners from The Golden Dragon!
You get every package nightly when you're a weekly client!

With every BIG play, every Big Winner

Golden Dragon Monthly Package

Get a FOUR full week of winners from The Golden Dragon!
Get Every BIG play, Every High/Low, every LOCK every night for 28 days!

Golden Dragon Season Package

There isn't a better deal anywhere! Get a entire SEASON of winners from the Golden Dragon!

Free play from Golden Dragon

Wednesday Free Play
Auburn -5' CBB