Cleveland Guardians at Seattle Mariners

Cleveland Guardians0003101005121
Seattle Mariners000000200292Final
Scoring Summary
4 Inning
Cleveland Guardians - Brennan singled to right, Ramírez scored on fielding error by right fielder Haniger, Brennan to second.
Cleveland Guardians - Bo Naylor homered to right center (383 feet), Brennan scored.
5 Inning
Cleveland Guardians - Kwan reached on bunt single to third, Rocchio scored on throwing error by third baseman Rojas.
7 Inning
Cleveland Guardians - Freeman hit sacrifice fly to right, Ramírez scored.
Seattle Mariners - Rojas doubled to left, Raleigh scored, France to third.
Seattle Mariners - Crawford grounded out to shortstop, France scored, Rojas to third.
Cleveland Guardians Batting Summary
S. Kwan, LF5200000.310.333.448
A. Gimenez, 2B5100002.304.393.522
J. Ramirez, 3B5220002.241.241.414
J. Naylor, 1B3100010.368.455.632
T. Freeman, CF3000101.211.304.421
W. Brennan, RF4210000.250.333.250
B. Naylor, DH4211201.308.438.538
A. Hedges, C4000003.167.154.250
B. Rocchio, SS4210002.316.381.526
Seattle Mariners Batting Summary
J.P. Crawford, SS5000102.083.154.208
J. Rodriguez, CF4100001.217.280.261
J. Polanco, 2B4100002.136.208.136
M. Haniger, RF4100000.286.348.524
M. Garver, DH3100011.200.333.400
C. Raleigh, C4210001.235.316.235
T. France, 1B3110011.333.391.381
D. Canzone, LF4100002.125.125.313
J. Rojas, 3B4100102.417.417.500
Cleveland Guardians Pitching Summary
S. Bieber6.060000983-550.00
E. Morgan0.122201015-97.71
S. Barlow0.200000012-76.75
T. Beede1.000001117-90.00
E. Clase1.010000217-140.00
Seattle Mariners Pitching Summary
L. Castillo5.2104411799-726.75
T. Saucedo0.221100114-126.75
C. Bolton1.200000215-113.86
C. Snider1.00000019-70.00

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