Toronto Blue Jays at Milwaukee Brewers

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Milwaukee Brewers000010102480Final
Scoring Summary
2nd Inning
Toronto Blue Jays - Chapman doubled to left, Kirk scored, Tapia scored and Hernández scored.
Toronto Blue Jays - Gurriel Jr. doubled to deep right, Chapman scored.
Toronto Blue Jays - Espinal grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Gurriel Jr. scored, Biggio out at second.
5th Inning
Milwaukee Brewers - Yelich grounded into fielder's choice to second, Peterson scored, Davis out at second.
7th Inning
Toronto Blue Jays - Biggio homered to right (382 feet).
Toronto Blue Jays - Kirk homered to left (369 feet), Guerrero Jr. scored.
Milwaukee Brewers - Taylor homered to left (386 feet).
9th Inning
Toronto Blue Jays - Guerrero Jr. doubled to center, Biggio scored.
Milwaukee Brewers - Yelich singled to right, Narváez scored, Davis to second, Taylor to third.
Milwaukee Brewers - Adames grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Taylor scored, Yelich out at second, Davis to third.
Toronto Blue Jays Batting Summary
S. Espinal, 2B5000001.262.316.395
B. Bichette, SS5000001.256.301.420
V. Guerrero Jr., DH5210100.266.358.502
A. Kirk, C4421200.321.406.513
G. Moreno, C1000000.379.400.414
T. Hernandez, RF4110001.253.304.449
R. Tapia, CF4110000.256.280.362
B. Zimmer, CF0000000.111.211.222
M. Chapman, 3B4110302.215.300.386
L. Gurriel Jr., LF4210100.283.336.407
C. Biggio, 1B2221120.220.373.390
Milwaukee Brewers Batting Summary
C. Yelich, LF3200220.245.336.381
W. Adames, SS5000101.205.276.482
R. Tellez, 1B5000001.244.317.450
A. McCutchen, DH3100000.248.315.354
L. Urias, 2B3000012.205.306.342
O. Narvaez, C4110001.252.333.367
T. Taylor, RF3221110.231.281.441
J. Peterson, 3B4110002.229.305.410
J. Davis, CF3100012.364.462.364
Toronto Blue Jays Pitching Summary
A. Manoah6.2522136106-682.05
M. Gage0.200001112-71.08
J. Beasley1.032201236-217.88
A. Cimber0.20000006-33.94
Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Summary
A. Houser6.0955013102-634.50
T. Kelley1.033320029-187.31
P. Strzelecki2.011101239-254.00

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