New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays

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Tampa Bay Rays0301000004101Final
Scoring Summary
2nd Inning
Tampa Bay Rays - Paredes homered to left (376 feet).
Tampa Bay Rays - Bruján homered to left center (406 feet), J. Lowe scored.
4th Inning
New York Yankees - Judge homered to left (396 feet).
Tampa Bay Rays - Bruján grounded out to shortstop, Mejía scored.
6th Inning
New York Yankees - Stanton scored on error, Trevino safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Walls, Carpenter to second.
7th Inning
New York Yankees - Judge homered to left (406 feet).
8th Inning
New York Yankees - Trevino homered to left (406 feet), Kiner-Falefa scored.
New York Yankees Batting Summary
D. LeMahieu, 2B-1B3100021.260.346.399
A. Judge, CF5222201.302.379.663
A. Rizzo, DH4000010.231.336.510
G. Stanton, RF3010020.245.333.480
A. Hicks, LF0000000.232.344.288
J. Donaldson, 3B5100001.233.327.386
M. Carpenter, 1B3100001.265.375.824
G. Torres, a - PH-2B2000000.260.309.512
I. Kiner-Falefa, SS3010011.269.322.321
J. Trevino, C5211201.283.339.478
J. Gallo, LF-RF2000022.180.295.360
Tampa Bay Rays Batting Summary
Y. Diaz, 3B4000010.263.386.341
H. Ramirez, DH3100010.301.343.410
J. Choi, 1B3200010.293.389.484
R. Arozarena, LF4100002.249.302.401
I. Paredes, 2B4111101.211.273.544
F. Mejia, C4110000.233.238.383
J. Lowe, CF4110001.173.244.307
V. Brujan, RF4111300.165.210.261
T. Walls, SS4200001.158.240.266
New York Yankees Pitching Summary
J. Montgomery6.094422281-532.97
C. Schmidt1.010001122-133.00
M. King1.000000111-92.35
C. Holmes1.000000116-120.53
Tampa Bay Rays Pitching Summary
S. Baz4.241112678-474.15
B. Raley0.10000003-12.66
C. Faucher0.211002122-109.00
J. Adam0.10000003-31.26
C. Poche0.211111015-92.35
R. Thompson0.10000004-25.79
R. Garza Jr.2.012213149-253.75

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