NFL Handicappers

It will be hard pressed to find a more successful group of NFL handicappers that you will find at Our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and skill level as they produce winnings picks each week from pro football. There is no shortcut to successful NFL handicapping. Each professional prognosticator logs in several hours each week looking for nuggets of pertinent information that can be vital in the outcome of point spreads in NFL games. Injury reports can be vague for the most part as many times we find the dreaded game time decision next to an impact player's name. What impact will each player have on the point spread? Just as important how much drop off is there in the backup? For the novice bettor, who works a ten hour job, when you include travel time and their lunch hour, is missing the valuable information necessary to become successful with their bets. It is important to take the services of a professional NFL handicapper who makes it his full time job to pick and bet on games against the spread from pro football. Because of your busy life you may have less than an hour a week to handicap the 16 board games from the NFL. That is not enough time to win at this. You must hire a partner who can help you gather up all the available information and can apply the data successfully against the betting line. The NFL handicappers at devote their entire career to finding more winners than losers.

We got very sharp NFL handicappers on staff.

The NFL handicappers employed at are true winners in this industry. When you spend upwards of 30 years of public handicapping service there can be no doubt about meeting the high standards set for Our sharp NFL handicappers have bested their peers in longevity because the losers fall fast in this industry and the dinosaurs are still around because they win for their customer's year in and year out. Sharp handicappers have the best power ratings and set their own lines for each game. They place their bets and rate their plays based upon the amount of variance there is between their power rated line and the current line offered at Las Vegas or offshore sportsbook. Sharp handicappers will often pass on certain games on a card. Don't be surprised if there is no side or total up for Sunday, Thursday or Monday night football. Remember, a sharp handicapper sets his line and looks for variances. If the power rating of a professional handicapper and the current line are exactly the same there is no perceived advantage for bettors because of the -110 vigorish attached to every point spread wager. In fact there is a disadvantage in making a wager on it. In this case the best play is a no play because the game has a 50% chance of winning based on their power rating. Sharp handicappers are looking to make advantage plays that have a significant chance of covering the spread based on the difference between their line and the public line.