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Huddle Up Sports

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Huddle Up Sports

Huddle Up Sports

Jim, the man behind Huddle Up Sports has become known as "Big Johnson" in the world of sports betting. He's been professionally handicapping for over 13 years and playing for 23. He's become a monster force in the business since taking over Huddle Up Sports 4 years ago. Although he's made money for thousands of people in baseball and basketball, he excels in football. "The Huddle" understands how important Mondays are, so we start working on Monday night games as soon as the lines come out. Besides dominating Monday night football, we also excel with our specialty, the High Roller Total. At nearly 80% last year, the High Roller Total is well worth the small investment as you'll get all our regular winners plus the easiest total on the board.


Huddle Up Sports


Wow our first real bad play of the entire conference finals yesterday
We got the Bad day out of the way

Still a very impressive profitable 7-1 Conference final locks


Stubbed the toe Tuesday
Another very profitable day Monday.  We have won EVERY SINGLE LOCK in the conference finals STILL and we guarantee we do it again today!!

2-0 yesterday with Houston and the over.  We actually felt Houston was going to win outright, but we can't hype it.


Bouncing back, firing away.  We play these games as well and sledom have two nad days in a row


NBA Guaranteed 500,000* West Final Lock
Atlanta/Cleveland Total
MLB Grand Slam Play

 Baseball best bet

Make one last run

Guaranteed Lock winner Last Tuesday
Guaranteed Lock Winner Wednesday
Thursday Guaranteed Lock winner Houston
Friday Guaranteed Lock winner Golden State
Sunday Stubbed the toe
Monday No basketball

Start of the Conference Finals
Tuesday 2-0 Lock winner Houston
Wednesday 2-0 Lock winner Cleveland
Thursday lock winner Houston
Friday 2-0 Lock winner Cleveland
Saturday 1-1 Lock winner Golden State

Sunday Lock winner Atlanta
Monday 2-0 Lock winner Houston
Tuesday 1-1 Lock loser
Wednesday ready

Lock covers or Thursday is free

Guaranteed NBA West $25

Wednesday Ready


Guaranteed NBA West 500,000* Championship Lock
Houston/Golden State Total
Grand Slam Play

ALL on the $25 line

High Roller Total Wednesday $50

High Roller Total Wednesday 

Tampa Bay/Seattle

Huddle Up Sports Weekly $189

Get a full week of winners from Huddle Up Sports!

Get every single play including "Special" information games and the $50 High Roller Total line

Huddle Up Sports Monthly $379

Get 4 weeks of winners from Huddle Up!

Playoff Basketball and MLB
Just $379

Including every Lock and the High Roller Total AND $100 SPECIAL Information winner every night

Great way to save and maximize your winnings this season!!!

4  weeks

Season PACKAGE $999

Almost 6 of winners!

MLB + NBA Season Package:
First time ever we've offered this long of a package at an incredible price

Football right through Championship Bowl Game

You get ALL our Basketball and Baseball plays. Every BIG Lock, every guarantee, every High Roller Total, and every $100 Special Infromation game we have right through the MLB regular season

Free Selection from Huddle Up Sports

Free plays: St Louis Lynn -165

Back again Wednesday 10 PM with a Thursday winner