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Huddle Up Sports

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Huddle Up Sports

Huddle Up Sports

Jim, the man behind Huddle Up Sports has become known as "Big Johnson" in the world of sports betting. He's been professionally handicapping for over 13 years and playing for 23. He's become a monster force in the business since taking over Huddle Up Sports 4 years ago. Although he's made money for thousands of people in baseball and basketball, he excels in football. "The Huddle" understands how important Mondays are, so we start working on Monday night games as soon as the lines come out. Besides dominating Monday night football, we also excel with our specialty, the High Roller Total. At nearly 80% last year, the High Roller Total is well worth the small investment as you'll get all our regular winners plus the easiest total on the board.


Huddle Up Sports
Friday Now Available

Last week good weekend in football!!! 7-1 Overall. 2-0 Locks!
Friday Basketball is Guaranteed against Sunday Football

3-1 Saturday lock winner New England.
Sunday 4-0 Lock winner Green Bay
Monday Lock winner Kansas
Tuesday we struggled BIG time including lock loser Tennessee. 
Thursday pending.  Friday Ready

Guaranteed NBA Marquee Matchup Super Lock
Lock covers or SUNDAY FOOTBALL UPDATE is Free

4 Best Bets




Friday High Roller Total/Totals Update

Basketball Golden State/Houston HRT
3 Best Bet Totals

HRT covers or Friday Totals are free



Championship Lock of the Year

NFL Championship High Roller Total

2 NFL Best Bets

Guaranteed Friday HRT/TOTALS $24

Friday High Roller Total/Totals


 BB Golden State/Houston HRT


HRT covers or Saturday totals are free


Championship NFL Sunday $25

NFL Sunday Ready
 Championship Sunday
7-1 Last weekend. This week looking at a 4-0

NFL Championship Lock of the Year
NFL Championship High Roller Total

Two More NFL Championship Best Bets


Friday NBA BB Guaranteed $25

Friday Ready

Guaranteed Marquee Matchup NBA Super Lock

4 Basktball Best Bets

Lock covers or SUNDAY FOOTBALL is Free

Huddle Up Sports Weekly $199

Get a full week of winners from Huddle Up Sports!

Get every single play including "Special" information games and the $50 High Roller Total line

Month Package $369

Huddle Up Sports Month Package

4 Weeks of all our picks
Football and Basketball

Including any "SPECIAL" Games, all our Locks and plenty of best bets. One Low proce to maxamize winnings

Free Selection from Huddle Up Sports


Free play
Indiana -2'

Back again Friday 11 PM with a Saturday free play

Open a FreePlays account and we'll give you a 10% bonus on deposits over $200.