2018-19 Football Predictions

Are you ready for some football? I am sure for anyone that is reading this, the answer is YES!! Well the College Football season kicked off last week and the NFL gets underway tomorrow. We asked some of handicappers at Freeplays.com for their predictions for the upcoming football season. We had 8 handicappers give us their predictions. They were Mike Wynn Sports (MW), Razor Sharp Sports (RS), Jim Feist (JF), Arthur Ralph (AR), Easy Money (EM), Nevada Sharpshooter (NS), Teya’s Sports (TS) and the Vegas Steam Line (VS). We asked each of them to predict each of the NFL Divisions plus the 2 wildcards in each Conference. Then also pick their Super Bowl Match-Up. We also asked them to give us their 4 College teams that will make the FBS Playoff and their Championship Match-up. Let’s take a look at how things went.

So before you start reading this, play a little game and make your predictions and see which handicapper you agree with the most.

So here you go with the NFL. First of all, all 8 handicappers agree on their winners in 2 of the divisions. They were in the AFC East with New England, no surprise and in the NFC West with the up and coming LA Rams. The next closest to a sweep was in the NFC North where 7 of the 8 handicappers had Minnesota, with just TS having Green Bay. The next spots belongs to the state of Pennsylvania with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East & the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North, where 6 of the 8 handicappers picked them. The other 2 in the NFC East (RS & AR) had Dallas & the two (NS & AR) in the AFC North had Baltimore. So that leaves us with 3 divisions with 3 or more picks. The AFC West was dominated by picks by the Chargers, where 5 handicappers took them (MW, JF, AR, EM & VS). There were two with Oakland (RS & TS) and one with Kansas City (NS). The NFC South also had 3 different picks. Again one team dominated with 5 picks (MW, JF, AR, VS & TS) taking New Orleans. Then there was 2 (RS & EM) with Atlanta and one (NS) with Carolina. Finally we have the AFC South where all 4 teams had at least one pick. Once again, their most popular pick got 5 picks and each of the other 3 got lone pick each. Jacksonville was the popular pick with MW, RS, NS, EM & TS taking them. Then VS took Indianapolis, Arthur Ralph had Tennessee & Jim Feist had Houston.

Here are the Wildcard Picks for each Handcapper
Mike Wynn – Houston/Baltimore & Green Bay/San Francisco
Razor Sharp – Indianapolis/Kansas City & Green Bay/Philadelphia
Jim Feist – Baltimore/NY Jets & Green Bay/Atlanta
Arthur Ralph – Denver/Pittsburgh & Atlanta/Green Bay
Easy Money – Houston/Kansas City & Green Bay/New Orleans
Nevada Sharpshooter – Pittsburgh/Buffalo & Altanta/san Francisco
Teya’s Sports – Houston/Baltimore & Minnesota/Carolina
Vegas Steam Line – Baltimore/Kansas City & Carolina/Green Bay

So now that we have gotten through the regular season, how about some Super Bowl Predictions. This year we have 6 different Super Bowl Winner predicted. The top pick is no surprise, with 3 handicappers having the New England Patriots (MW, AR & VS). Then Razor Sharp had Minnesota, Jim Feist had New Orleans, Easy Money had the LA Rams, Vegas Steam had Jacksonville & Teya’s Sports had Green Bay. Though only one handicapper had the Rams win the Super Bowl, 3 others had them make it to the big game (MW, NS & VS). Like the Rams, the Patriots were also the Runner-up for 3 handicappers (RS, JF & TS). Then Arthur Ralph had Minnesota come up a game short of their first Super Bowl and Easy Money had Jacksonville in the Maid of Honor position.

Switching over to the College Football, we are already are a week in. These picks were made prior to the start of the season. All 8 of our Handicappers had Alabama making the playoffs. Here is a list of teams that were selected to make the playoffs by our handicappers.

Alabama – 8 (All of the Handicappers)
Clemson – 6 (MW, RS, JF, AR, NS & EM)
Georgia – 4 (RS, JF, NS & VS)
Wisconsin – 4 (MW, RS, AR & VS)
Washington – 3 (MW, EM & TS)
Oklahoma – 2 (NS & VS)
Ohio St – 2 (JF & EM)
Florida – 1 (TS)
Michigan St – 1 (TS)
Arkansas – 1 (AR)

Just like their dominance for making the playoff, Alabama also dominated the pick for the Championship with 6 handicappers taking them. Here are the Handicappers prediction for the Championship Game match-up
Mike Wynn – Alabama over Washington
Razor Sharp – Alabama over Georgia
Jim Feist – Clemson over Ohio St
Arthur Ralph – Alabama over Wisconsin
Easy Money – Alabama over Ohio St
Nevada Sharpshooter – Alabama over Clemson
Teya’s Sports – Michigan St over Florida
Vegas Steam Line – Alabama over Wisconsin

So which one of the handicappers did you agree with the most. Which one did you disagree with most. No matter what you say, there is no right or wrong answer until January and February. That is why we love football and can’t wait for it to start! So lets kick things off. Make sure you get your football selections all season long plus don’t forget about late season bases at Freeplays.com. Good Luck!

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