“Not So” Home Sweet Home!

There are some many sayings like “Home Cooking”, “Sleeping In Your Own Bed” or “There is No Place Like Home” that talk about the advantages of playing your game on your home field. In most cases this is true. For Major League Baseball so far this season, it really hasn’t been. As of June 18th of this season, only 15 out of 30 MLB teams have a home field record over .500. Compare that to last season where 22 out of the 30 teams had a winning record at home through the whole season. Lets take a look at these numbers a little more.

First of all, lets take a look at the straight Vegas Line. We aren’t going to go back and count every game so far this season but we take a look at the month of June. In that time there have been 248 games played. Of those 248 games the away team was only the favorite in 89 of them. That is a percentage of 35.9%. Of the 18 days so far in June, 15 of them have had the home teams favored in more games than the away teams. So now lets take a look at the W-L record so far this year for Home teams. For the year the Home team is 546-525 (51.0%). The American League Home Teams are even closer to .500 at 275-269 (50.6%). Now that is a drastic difference between favorites and Home teams winning. Comparing this year’s numbers to last years and you see that the Home field advantage has comedown. In 2017 the Home team overall in the Majors went 1311-1119 (54.0) and the American League they were 653-562 (53.7%).

So this isn’t a sure fire way to win money because of the lays on the favorites but if you can hit 50% playing underdogs in baseball all season long you should be able to cover the juice and bring home some cash. When it comes to winning in baseball it take a lot more work than just looking at favorites/ underdogs or away/home but it will help. To get the most consistent winning action in baseball throughout the season in both sides and totals check out Razor Sharp Sports at www.freeplays.com. Good Luck!

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