NCAA Football Playoff!

For years and years I have been asking for a playoff in college football. I kind of feel like Andy Dufrane in Shawshank Redemption asking for money to improve the prison library. You just keep asking and asking and eventually you get something. Like Andy who got $250 to improve things, we got a 4-team playoff. So like Andy did by sending even more requests for more, I will do the same. All I am asking for a 8-team playoff! My idea is to have pretty much what we have now except we add one more round. Let’s take a look at my idea along with what we have coming up in about a week.

First lets talk about my 8-team playoff. The 8-team format would give us 1 more week of action. There are 2 different ways of doing things. My favorite idea is to have the Quarterfinal Round being played right around, if not on New Year’s Day. The big argument is that teams/fans won’t travel for 3 playoff games. My solution is the first round is played as a home game for the Top 4 seeds. That way you get an advantage for being one of the best teams. Also with 1 playing 8, 2 playing 7, 3 playing 6 and 4 playing 5, there is a distinct advantage to being a Top Seed. Then your 4 semi-final teams would play their next round game at a neutral site, like they do now. That would fall on the next weekend following at least a full week off. Finally the Championship would be played at a neutral site two weeks after the semi-final games are played on a Saturday night. Surprise, what Saturday would that be? It would be the Saturday that the NFL’s Conference Championships would be played on that Sunday. This would make for a huge football weekend! Besides that, most, if not all, of this time would not effect the athlete’s school schedule as they would be on holiday break during this time.

My other option is to leave the schedule they currently have but hold the Quarterfinal Round the Saturday before Christmas and once again have that at the higher seed’s home stadium. That would be like playing the games last Saturday. That would still give the athletes time to prepare and take their semester finals this week. Then we would be down to the Final Four, like we have now. The only thing I would change after that is have the Championship game be on a Saturday night, with at least a full week, up to almost 2 weeks to prepare for the game.

So we don’t have the 8-team playoff yet but I do have to say we do have a great Final Four this year. And really for those who say that this is all we need, we did have a great group of play-in games deciding our Final Four this year. When you look at the four teams that are in the playoff and I believe that each one of them truly believe they have what it takes to win it all this year. We have 4 great teams and the odds show how even they are. We have a pair of semi-final games where the favorites are a 3 point favorite or less. Looking at the odds to win it all and things are pretty even also. Here are those odds.

Alabama +180
Clemson +290
Georgia +345
Oklahoma +385

So there you go. First I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season with their family and friends. Then lets get at it with the College Playoffs. Get all the winning action along with late NFL regular season and playoff action at and click on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus don’t forget about all of the Daily Hoops and Hockey action. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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