Setting Up for your Fantasy Playoffs!

When it comes to Fantasy Football I am a strict believer in setting up your team with depth. Throughout the season your have injuries and bye weeks that come into play and if you don’t have the depth it could cost you a win or two. Now we have hit the time of the year that your playoffs are in sight. Now you want to adjust your team, if possible, to a stronger starting unit and try to make a deep playoff run. If you are in the playoff hunt you should really look at how you can improve your team. I don’t care if you are in 1st place at 9-1 or on the bubble at 5-5, improvements can be made. You can also take advantage of some desperate teams that are trying to sneak into the playoffs. Just be careful when you do make that trade that you are getting quality in game situation, not just a name player because he has been good earlier in the year. So what should you do? Let’s take a look.

As I mentioned, you need to work on your starters. So what does that mean? It is time to look at your starting unit and see who you have on the bench. So say you have a great starting QB and a OK back-up, Your have 3 decent RBs. Look to see if you can get a big name RB by offering someone your best RB and a decent back-up QB. If the team you are trading with needs a QB, you could get some real quality. In making that trade you still have your great QB and now you have a Great RB. All you have done is weaken your bench that you probably won’t use the rest of the season. Same situation if you are deep at RB and WR. Look to see if you have some quality on the bench at both positions. If so you could combo 2 bench players liek a WR & RB to come up with 1 starter at RB or WR. That improves you at whatever position you just picked up and don’t hurt anything because again the players you traded were bench players for you.

So the other thing I mention is don’t just jump at a big name player because of the name. Make sure you take a look at who the players are playing against in the next 4-5 weeks. For example take a look at a QB like Jared Goff of the Rams. Goff is playing outstanding football right now but if you look at what the Rams have coming up. They are at Minnesota (7-2, T5th in Def. Pts Allowed) this week , then they host the Saints (7-2, t5th in Def. Pts Allowed), at the Cardinals (4-5, 24th in Def. Pts Allowed), at home against the Eagles (8-1, 10th in Def. Pts Allowed) and at the Seahawks (6-3, 5th in Def. Pts Allowed). Same goes with Goff’s teammate, RB Todd Gurley. Gurley is one of the best RBs in the NFL but only the Saints are not in the Top-10 in Rushing Defense with Philly at #1 and Minny and #3. A team that is exactly the opposite is the Baltimore Ravens. A QB like Joe Flacco or a RB who is returning from injury, Danny Woodhead may be a good value. The Ravens are at GB, at home vs the Texans and the Lions, then at Pitt and then at Cleve. Of those 5 teams, only the Steelers have played D this year. They are 2nd in pts allowed. The other four fall like this in pts allowed/game (GB – 18th, Hstn – 31st, Det – 21st and Cleve – 30th). I am not going to break down each team and their opponents for you. You get the idea, take a look at the players when you go to make a trade.

I hope that these little notes help you make it to your playoffs and deep into them. Do you have any other fantasy questions? We would love to hear them. While you are setting up your fantasy teams don’t forget to all the Red Hot Razor Sharp action at . Get all of our NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB & NHL action all year long! I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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