2017 Football Predictions

We have reached that time of the year. The College Football season has 4 games getting underway this weekend and the NFL Regular Season kickoff is less than 2 weeks away. It is time to get our handicappers to make their predictions for the 2017 Pro and College seasons. Last year our consensus of our handicappers got 5 out of the 8 NFL Division winners. Doing the best was Teya Sports with 6 correct and Razor Sharp with 5. 5 of our handicappers had New England in the Super Bowl last year (JF, VS, NS, KT & EZ) with Kenny Towers and EZ Money having them win it all. None of our handicappers saw the Falcons make it to the Bowl. As for College, only Razor Sharp had Clemson taking the Championship. 5 handicappers (MW, VS, NS, EZ and TS) had Alabama in the Championship Game. This year we had 9 of our handicappers make their predictions. They are Razor Sharp Sports (RS), Mike Wynn Sports (MW), Jim Feist Sports (JF), Vegas Steam Line (VS), Arthur Ralph Sports (AR), Kenny Towers Sports (KT), Nevada Sharpshooter (NS), EZ Money Sports (EZ) & Teya Sports (TS). So here are the predictions. We will list the Consensus pick followed by a rundown at each division, wildcard, and Super Bowl in the NFL plus the Final Four and CFB Championship predictions.


AFC EAST – Consensus – New England Just like last year and many years over the Tom Brady Era the New England Patriots are the big time favorite in the division. Each one of our 9 handicappers selected the Patriots to win the division. The only other team in the division to get a playoffs shout was the Miami Dolphins, who got one wildcard pick (VS). The Bills and the Jets did not get any picks from our handicappers.

AFC NORTH – Consensus – Pittsburgh Last year the Steelers and Bengals were a split pick from our handicappers. Now this year there were plenty of wildcard picks for other teams in this division, the Steelers, like the Patriots, got the clean sweep as a division winner from our handicappers this year. 4 handicappers do have the Bengals making the playoffs and a wildcard (VS, NS, AR & TS), while 2 others have the Ravens (KT & MW). No one selected the Browns to make the playoffs.

AFC SOUTH – Consensus – Houston The South seems to be wide open. All 4 teams were selected to make the playoffs by at least one of our handicappers. Houston was selected by 5 teams to win the division (RS, NS, AR, KT & EZ) and as a wide card by JF. Tennessee also got some division love with 4 handicappers selecting them to win the division (JF, VS, MW & TS) and KT taking them as a wiilcard team. Both the Jaguars (RS) and Colts (EZ) got one wildcard pick.

AFC WEST – Consensus – Oakland Much like the South, the West looks to be pretty open. 5 of our handicappers took the Raiders as the division winner (RS, JF, KT, MW & TS) and 3 others took them as a wildcard (NS, AR, & EZ). The other 4 handicappers selected the Chiefs to win the division (VS, NS, AR & EZ) with 3 wildcard picks (RS, MW & TS). The Broncos got one wildcard pick by Jim Feist and the Chargers didn’t get a selection.

NFC EAST – Consensus – NY Giants The NFC has no division sweeps and it starts with a split in the NFC East. 5 handicappers took the Giants to win the division (RS, JF, AR,KT & TS) while 4 took the Cowboys (VS, NS, MW & EZ). The Giants also got 1 wildcard pick (EZ) the the Cowboys got 3 (RS, AR & KT). The Eagles also got one wildcard pick from Teya Sports. There was no joy for the Redskins.

NFC NORTH – Consensus – Green Bay The Packers look to be the favorite in the NFC overall and that can be seen with 7 of the 9 handicappers taking them to win the division (VS, NS, AR, KT, MW, EZ & TS) and the other 2 (RS & JF) took them as wildcards. Minnesota also got 2 division picks from (RS & JF) and got 2 wildcard picks from NS & TS. There was no mention of Detroit or Chicago in the playoff picture from any of our handicappers.

NFC SOUTH – Consensus – Atlanta This is the only division to get 3 different picks for the division winners. 5 took the reigning NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons (RS, JF, VS, AR & TS) and the other 4 that didn’t, took them as a wildcard (NS, KT, MW & EZ). Carolina got 2 division picks (NS & EZ) and 1 wildcard (VS). Tampa Bay also got 2 division picks (KT & MW). New Orleans was not picked by anyone to make the playoffs.

NFC WEST – Consensus – Seattle The Seahawks got plenty of support from our handicappers with 7 division picks (RS, JF, VS, NS, KT, EZ & TS) and 2 wildcards (AR & MW). They we one of the 4 teams (Seahawks, Packers, Patriots and Steelers) to be selected to make the playoffs from all 9 handicappers. The 2 handicappers that didn’t take Seattle to win the division (AR & MW) took Arizona. Arizona also got 2 wildcard picks (JF & VS). There was nothing for the Rams or the 49ers.

So how about the Super Bowl predictions.

CONSENSUS – New England over Green Bay

Razor Sharp Sports – Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Jim Feist Sports – New England over Seattle
Vegas Steam Line – New England over Green Bay
Nevada Sharpshooter – Seattle over Pittsburgh
Arthur Ralph Sports – New England over Green Bay
Kenny Towers Sports – New England over Seattle
Mike Wynn Sports – New England over Green Bay
EZ Money Sports – New England over Green Bay
Teya Sports – Green Bay over New England

How about our picks for College football from our handicappers. We asked them to pick the 4 teams to make the playoffs and then the Championship Game results. Here is how it played out.

CONSENSUS – Alabama, Florida St, Ohio St and USC

Alabama – 8 handicappers (RS, JF, VS, NS, AR, KT, MW & EZ)
Florida St – 8 handicappers (RS, JF, VS, AR, KT, MW, EZ & TS)
Ohio St – 7 handicappers (RS, VS, NS, KT, MW, EZ & TS)
USC – 4 handicappers (NS, KT, MW & TS)
Oklahoma – 4 handicappers (RS, JF, EZ & TS)
Michigan – 2 handicappers (NS & AR)
Clemson – 1 handicapper (JF)
Auburn – 1 handicapper (VS)
Oregon – 1 handicapper (AR)

Last year we had the two teams that played in the National Championship Game, just flipped the winner. This year we have a real strong consensus with 7 handicappers taking Alabama and other having them in the title game. Here are the picks.

CONSENSUS – Alabama over USC

Razor Sharp Sports – Alabama over Oklahoma
Jim Feist Sports – Florida St over Alabama
Vegas Steam Line – Alabama over Ohio St
Nevada Sharpshooter – Alabama over USC
Arthur Ralph Sports – Alabama over Oregon
Kenny Towers Sports – Alabama over USC
Mike Wynn Sports – Alabama over USC
EZ Money Sports – Alabama over Oklahoma
Teya Sports – Ohio St over Florida St

How did the handicappers selections match up with your selections? What do you agree with and disagree with. Lets kick off the season and see how things play out. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our RED HOT football action here at Razor Sharp Sports all season long! We have continued to score big to start off the year (including another Guar. Lock Win Philly on Thursday) and this Saturday we will be releasing our PRESEASON LOCK OF THE YEAR! So make sure you get all of our winning action at http://www.freeplays.com/handicapper.asp?serviceID=8010 . Good Luck!

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