2017 Fantasy Football Preview – Rating the Receivers

On a day that fantasy owners are wondering what to do with RB Ezekiel Elliot and his possible 6-game suspension, I am glad that we are not dealing with the Running Back position. Instead we will take a look at the Receivers, both Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. The fantasy game has changed over the past 5 or 6 years. It used to be that RBs and QBs dominated the 1st and 2nd Round of the Fantasy Drafts but with the changes in offenses, many Wide Receivers and even a couple Tight Ends have put themselves in the early picks. So lets take a look at these two positions. We will look at a different position each week for you. We will also give you an idea of what round each of the top players should be taken. We will use a basic idea of a 12-team regular (No-PPR) scoring system where WR & TEs are separate positions.

So lets get things started. We will start with the Wide Receivers. This position may be the difference in winning or losing your Championship this year.

#1 Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers (Round 1 – Top 5 Pick)
#2 Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons (Round 1 – Picks 5-10)
#3 Odell Beckham Jr – New York Giants (Round 1 – Picks 5-10)
#4 A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals (Round 1 – Picks 8-12)
#5 Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Round 1 – Picks 8-12)
#6 Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers (Round 1 – Picks 8-12)
#7 T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts (Late Round 1 – Early Round 2)
#8 Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys (Early Round 2)
#9 Michael Thomas – New Orleans (Round 2)
#10 Amari Cooper – Oakland Raiders (Round 2)
#11 Doug Baldwin – Seattle Seahawks (Round 2-3)
#12 DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans (Round 2-3)
#13 Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos (Round 2-3)
#14 Alshon Jeffries – Philadelphia Eagles (Round 3)
#15 Terrell Pryor – Washington Redskins (Round 3)
#16 Brandin Cooks – New England Patriots (Round 3)
#17 Allen Robinson – Jacksonville Jaguars (Round 3-4)
#18 Sammy Watkins – Los Angeles Rams (Round 3-4)
#19 Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers (Round 3-4)
#20 Michael Crabtree – Oakland Raiders (Round 3-4)
#21 Keenan Allen – Los Angeles Chargers (Round 4)
#22 Golden Tate – Detroit Lions (Round 4)
#23 Emmanuel Sanders – Denver Broncos (Round 4)
#24 Julian Edelman – New England Patriots (Round 4-5)
#25 Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals (Round 5)
#26 Jarvis Landry – Miami Dolphins (Round 5)
#27 Kelvin Benjamin – Carolina Panthers (Round 5-6)
#28 Tyreek Hill – Kansas City Chiefs (Round 6)
#29 Martavis Bryant – Pittsburgh Steelers (Round 6)
#30 Stefon Diggs – Minnesota Vikings (Round 6)

TIGHT END RANKINGS (Round to pick)
#1 Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots (Round 2)
#2 Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs (Round 3-4)
#3 Jordan Reed – Washington Redskins (Round 4)
#4 Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers (Round 5)
#5 Tyler Eifert – Cincinnati Bengals (Round 7)
#6 Delanie Walker – Tennessee Titans (Round 7)
#7 Jimmy Graham – Seattle Seahawks (Round 8)
#8 Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings (Round 8)
#9 Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles (Round 10)
#10 Martellus Bennett – Green Bay Packers (Round 10)

Like I mentioned before, these are ranking if the Tight End position is a separate position. if it is a combined WR/TE spot I don’t think I would go any farther than the Top 4 TEs at their given draft spots. The others I would drop 2 to 3 rounds.

So there we go, we have the preseason underway and the ideas of Fantasy Drafting is getting in everyone’s mind. It is a great time of year. We will continue our weekly Fantasy reports over the next few weeks. Next week we will go with the Quarterbacks, giving us an extra week to see what will happen with Elliot at the RB position. We will also have a Kicker/Defense report and finally our overall ranking report to finish things off. We would love to hear your comments and ranking of your own here so please leave your comments. While you are waiting for your Fantasy Drafts, make sure you don’t miss out on any of our RED HOT Preseason action here at Razor Sharp Sports! We are out to 3-0 start with Guaranteed NFL Locks this year in the Regular Service and the Presidential Club plays are 2-1! Keep it going with all of our action at http://www.freeplays.com/handicapper.asp?serviceID=8010 . Good Luck!

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