NFL Hall of Fame Game History

For us Football nuts, tomorrow is kind of a holiday or at least a minor celebration. With the Kickoff of the NFL Hall of Fame Game it means we have 6 month of football to follow. Even though the Hall of Fame Game is less than the most exciting game of the year, it is still football. Last year we were deprived of the game due to the “Paint”! I guarantee that this year, the field managers at Tom Benson Field in Canton will know which types of paint to use so things aren’t too slippery to play on it. So hopefully tomorrow the tradition of kicking off the NFL season at the Hall of Fame Game, dating back to 1962 (exception of 1966, 2011 and last year) will continue when the Cowboys and Cardinals play. So lets take a look the past 51 games have played out and which teams have fared the best.

The first thing we will take a look at is the total points scored in the game. This year’s game the total is 35. So here is how the total points have broken down in the past.First of all, the average points per game in the Hall of Fame Game is 31.5 for the 51 total games. If you take away the 7 games played in the 60s when they averaged 35.7 (5 game of more that 40 points), the average over the past 44 games is 30.8. Lately that average has gone up a bit but breaking down recent games the the average is 32.4 over the past 20 games and 33.0 over the last 10. So now that these averages are way under tomorrow’s game total of 35, don’t automatically take the UNDER. Over the last 10 games only 6 would have been under 35 points and over the last 20 games the UNDER would be 11-9 if the total was 35, and 16-14 during the last 30 games.

So how about the team breakdown. The teams with the best Hall of Fame Game record are Washington at 5-0, Chicago 4-0 and Oakland/LA Raiders 3-0. The worst teams Buffalo and Miami, who are both 0-4 in the season kickoff. So how about the teams that matter, the two playing in the game this year, the Cowboys and the Cardinals. Neither give you much to jump up and down about. The Cowboys are 2-3 all-time and the Cardinals are 1-2-1. The Cowboys last played in 2013 in a 24-20 win over Miami and the Cardinals last played in 2012 in a loss to New Orleans 17-10.

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