Getting It Done On The Road!

As we near the mid-point of the MLB season there is one thing that jumps out at me when I look at the standings! The teams that are on top of the divisions are getting things done on the road! Even more amazing is that overall the home teams have a better record overall than last year. Currently during the 2017 season the home teams are winning at a 54.9% pace. That is up from 53.0% last year. They home teams winning percentage has increased in both leagues. The American League is at 55.1%, up from 53.8% last year (Up 1.3%). The National League is up even more from 52.3% in 2016 to this year’s 54.6% (Up 2.3%). So it is interesting that if home teams are doing better than last year, how are the division leaders getting it done on the road. Let’s take a look.

So let’s take a look at the division leaders. Of the 6 leaders, only the NY Yankees have a losing road record as of right now. They are just 16-20. Not only do the other 5 teams have a winning road record, they all have better road records than home records. The Cleveland Indians are 21-14 on the road and just 15-17 to lead the AL Central. Houston is good everywhere but are an incredible 23-8 on the road and 23-16 at home in the AL West. In the NL, Washington leads the East with a 24-13 road record, while just 18-14 at home. The surprise NL Central leading Brewers are 19-13 on the road and are under .500 at home at 19-20. Finally Colorado is 25-13 on the road while going 21-13 at home. They say a team that can win on the road will stick around until the end. If that is the case and these teams continue at this pace, these teams could be all playing in October.

Of the rest of the teams in the MLB, there are just 3 other teams that have winning records on the road this season. The two teams that would have the wildcard spots in the National League, Arizona (18-17) and the LA Dodgers (19-16) and the AL surprise Minnesota Twins (20-9) who have lead the AL Central for quite a bit of the season too.

So will these teams continue their road dominance? Who will ride this all the way to the World Series? Which teams will falter in the second half of the season. We would love to hear what you think. Don’t forget the get all of our RED HOT Baseball action throughout the season! Purchasing our plays on, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports! Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck.

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