NCAA Championship Odds

Tourney Time is here. Last week we had an incredible run here at Razor Sharp Sports. Hopefully you were all on board and built up your bankroll for the Big Dance! We even made a little money with our futures plays here for the Conference Tourney thanks to the Cinderella run by Michigan and an easy play on Villanova. So how does Vegas See things playing out for the NCAA Tourney. Lets take a look at the odds and come up with a few picks that we could make to make a little extra cash!

North Carolina +700
Kansas +850
Villanova +900
Gonzaga +925
Duke +950
Kentucky +1080
Arizona +1300
UCLA +1525
Louisville +1700
Oregon +2500
Purdue +3300
Florida St +3400
West Virginia +3500
Virginia +4000
Florida +4600
Baylor +5000
Iowa St +6500
SMU +6600
Butler +7500
Michigan +7500
Notre Dame +8000
Wisconsin +8500
Cincinnati +10000
Wichita St +10000
Maryland +12000
St Marys (CA) +12000
Michigan St +15000
Oklahoma St +15000
South Carolina +20000
Minnesota +22500
Miami-Fl +25000
Middle Tenn St +30000
Arkansas +30000
Creighton +30000
Seton Hall +30000
Vanderbilt +30000
Dayton +30000
Va Commonwealth +30000
Kansas St +30000
Wake Forest +30000
Virginia Tech +32500
Xavier +40000
Marquette +40000
Rhode Island +50000
Nevada +50000
Providence +50000
USC +50000
Northwestern +50000
Princeton +85000
East Tennessee St +200000
Vermont, Winthrop, Bucknell, New Mexico St, Florida Gulf Coast, & NC-Wilmington are +500000 each
Rest of the field is +999999 each

OK so how about a few picks to cut down the nets. This is a very risky play and so I would say just play it with minimum plays. More for the fun of having the tickets. As always I will give you a group of teams to play. I have some favorites that I would say to play a full amount and then some bigger longshots that I would play a half amount.

Full Amounts
North Carolina +700
Kansas +850
Villanova +900
Kentucky +1080
Arizona +1300

Half Amounts
UCLA +1525
Purdue +3300
Michigan +7500
Wisconsin +8500

By playing all of these like this and if any win you will make money, with the exception of North Carolina, where you would break even. So with these 9 teams you get 3 #1 seeds, we don’t by into Gonzaga. Plus you get #2s Kentucky, who was the Vegas favorite for alot of the year and the Pac-12 Champs in Arizona. Then with our half plays you get UCLA a team with a player like Lonzo Ball that could put together a magical run, and 3 Big-10 teams that are getting very little respect in this tourney. Purdue has some Monster Big Men in the Middle, Michigan is on a incredible run right now and Wisconsin, who has 4 starting seniors who have made 2 trips to the Final Four in their career. So there you go, who do you like? Do you agree with us or do you have others? Who are your Cinderellas to win it all or even your early round upsets that may just win one or two but will turn heads? After what we did last week, going 7-3-1 with all of our Guaranteed College Hoop Plays, you don’t want to miss any of our action throughout the NCAAs, plus the other small college tourneys. Lets keep the roll going! Make sure you get all of our tournament action by going to Razor Sharp Sports. We are working to give you the best sports information around each and every day in the hoops and hockey. Don’t forget baseball is right around the corner! Get all of our winners by purchasing our plays on and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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