A Very Merry Christmas!

The holiday season is upon us. Those of us in the Midwest got a very quick slap that winter was here this last week when Mother Nature dumped about a foot of snow on us. This is the point of the year when football takes another step up in intensity. We have the Bowl Season and the start of the NFL playoffs. College Basketball is about a week and a half away from really tipping off their conference schedule. It is a great time of year for sports fans. It should be a great time of year for everyone and I just want to take a little time to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays and also remind everyone to help out where they can and give to those less fortunate.

It is very obvious to me with a youngster in the house that saying Santa Claus is watching can bring out the best in her. Still we should all take that attitude of being good because a jolly fat man in red is watching everything we do. I have seen some great things happening during this holiday season. The random acts of kindness that spread good will can make everything a little better and add a few extra smiles. You would be amazed how good doing something, no matter how small, for someone can make you feel. Plus you probably brought a smile to a couple extra faces. Something like paying for the food of the car behind you in a fast food drive-thru, getting out a shoveling or plowing the neighbors driveway and sidewalk so they don’t have to, helping a elderly lady push her shopping cart thru a snow covered grocery store parking lot, or giving a little to a charity like the Salvation Army outside a store or any other charity that is in need. As I mentioned, some of these things don’t cost a penny, but your time and effort will always help.

In a world where we hear about tragedies on a daily basis, lets try to make things a little better. Paying it Forward during this time of year is a great way to start and just because St Nick and his reindeer head back to the North Pole on Dec. 25th, it doesn’t mean we have to stop. Lets make a New Years Resolution to make 2017 the year of making things better for all! Please have a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season. As always we will be here at Razor Sharp Sports working to give you the best sports information around each and every day. It is a great time of year for sports so please join us in the winning. Also as a gift to all of our customers, we have special promos for our weekly and monthly packages from now until Christmas Day. When you buy the weekly Razor Sharp package use the promo: WHITE68 to save $20 on your package or use the promo: RED67 to save $50 on the Monthly Package! Get all of our winners by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to Freeplays.com and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck & Merry Christmas.

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