Tis’ the Bowling Season!

The polar vortex has invaded the Midwest and East! Time for the teams in those areas who put together a good, well a decent season, to head to warmer climate, in most cases, to play in their Bowl Game. 80+ teams will be participating in the College Bowl Season. Just so you know there really are the Celebration Bowl, the Cure Bowl, the Camellia Bowl, the Dollar General Bowl, the Quick Lane Bowl, the Heart of Dallas Bowl, the Foster Farms Bowl & the Taxslayer Bowl! I am a firm believer in a award in the form of a Bowl game for good season but this has gone way over the top. 6 wins over FBS teams shouldn’t mean an automatic bowl bid. We have gotten closer to the 8-team playoff that I have been calling for with the 4-teamer, but we aren’t there yet. Lets get to the 8-teamer and then maybe award about 20 other Bowl Games, not 40! So with that being said lets take a look at each of the bowls and rate them.

I am going to rate the bowl games on the 1-5 rating.

5 – I will watch it from opening kickoff until final seconds!
4 – Great match-up that I can’t wait to see!
3 – Should be a fun game to watch!
2 – Well at least it is football, but not watching the whole game!
1 – Check the scores and watch TV for the highlights

Sat. Dec. 17th
CELEBRATION BOWL – NC Central vs. Grambling (1) – Not a FBS Match-up but it starts the day!
NEW MEXICO BOWL – Tex. San Antonio vs. New Mexico (1) – Not much interest in this one!
LAS VEGAS BOWL – Houston vs. San Diego St (4) Greg Ward Jr vs. Donell Pumphrey – Great Players & Good Teams!
CURE BOWL – Arkansas St vs. Central Florida (1) – This one barely made it on TV, some don’t have CBSC!
CAMELLIA BOWL – Appalachian St vs. Toledo (2) – A pair of 9-3 teams from small conferences!
NEW ORLEANS BOWL – Southern Miss vs. UL-Lafayette (1) – 6-6 vs 6-6. Unless you are from the region you have no interest!

Mon. Dec. 19th
MIAMI BEACH BOWL – Central Michigan vs. Tulsa (1) – I would go to the game live for the weather but may stay on the beach!

Tues. Dec. 20th
BOCA RATON BOWL – Memphis vs. Western Kentucky (3) – If you like offense don’t miss this one!

Wed. Dec. 21st
POINSETTIA BOWL – BYU vs. Wyoming (2) – 2 teams that can look very good or very bad. Who will show up?

Thurs. Dec. 22nd
FAMOUS IDAHO POTATO BOWL – Colorado St vs Idaho (1) – My eyes go buggy looking at the Smurf Turf and the weather doesn’t usually help!

Fri. Dec. 23rd
BAHAMAS BOWL – Eastern Michigan vs. Old Dominion (1) – Only draw is the weather, not the teams!
ARMED FORCES BOWL – Louisiana Tech vs. Navy (2) – Our first look at a Top 25 team and they are the dog here!
DOLLAR GENERAL BOWL – Ohio vs. Troy (2) – Teams are starting to get better but not a big interest yet!

Sat. Dec. 24th
HAWAII BOWL – Middle Tenn St vs. Hawaii (1) – I will be busy celebrating X-mas! Sub-.500 teams should not play!

Mon. Dec. 26th
ST PETERSBURG BOWL – Miami-OH vs. Mississippi St (1) – Neither should be here 6-6 MAC team vs. Sub .500 SEC!
QUICK LANE BOWL – Maryland vs. Boston College (2) – Our 1st match-up of the Big 5 Conf. Not the best, but it is a start!
INDEPENDENCE BOWL – Vanderbilt vs. NC State (2) – Another so-so Big 5 Conf. match-up. Still not eye grabbing!

Tues. Dec. 27th
HEART OF DALLAS BOWL – Army vs. North Texas (1) – It is football to start the day, but not good football!
MILITARY BOWL – Wake Forest vs. Temple (2) – Wake is looking for a new announcer, Temple shouldn’t need the game plan!
HOLIDAY BOWL – Washington St vs. Minnesota (2) – Minnesota may not have a team to suit up. Play Wash St now before the line goes higher!
CACTUS BOWL – Baylor vs. Boise St (3) – The past few years this would be a 4 or 5, still should be fun!

Wed. Dec. 28th
PINSTRIPE BOWL – Northwestern vs. Pittsburgh (2) – Better start to a day, but no one will skip work for it!
RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL – West Virginia vs. Miami-FL (3) – This should be a fun one to catch!
FOSTER FARMS BOWL – Indiana vs. Utah (2) – Not a big draw on this one. Will watch the other game, sorry FOX!
TEXAS BOWL – Kansas St vs. Texas A&M (3) – A pair of good teams that were just a few plays away from being great!

Thurs. Dec. 29th
BIRMINGHAM BOWL – South Florida vs. South Carolina (3) – Very Good Mid-Major against a Middle of the Road SEC!
BELK BOWL – Arkansas vs. Virginia Tech (3) – SEC vs. ACC. This could give us a hint of what is to come!
ALAMO BOWL – Oklahoma St vs. Colorado (5) – Our first battle of Top-25 teams, almost Top 10. Good match-up, great one to watch!

Fri. Dec. 30th
LIBERTY BOWL – TCU vs. Georgia (3) – At the beginning of the year hopes were very high for both!
SUN BOWL – North Carolina vs. Stanford (3) – Like the game before this one, the hope were higher early in the year!
ARIZONA BOWL – South Alabama vs. Air Force (1) – How did they sneak this game into the Bowl Season this late?
MUSIC CITY BOWL – Nebraska vs. Tennessee (4) – These are two teams that could make a lot of noise in years to come!
ORANGE BOWL – Florida St vs. Michigan (5) – This very well could have been a College Playoff Match-up if a few things changed!

Sat. Dec. 31st
CITRUS BOWL – LSU vs. Louisville (4) – Would have been a 5 if Fournette was there, still we get Lamar!
TAXSLAYER BOWL – Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech (2) – I will switch over when the Citrus Bowl is at commercial!
PEACH BOWL – Washington vs. Alabama (5) – It is the Playoffs and they should be great!!
FIESTA BOWL – Ohio St vs. Clemson (5) – Probably the more competitive of the 2 playoff games!

Mon. Jan. 2nd
OUTBACK BOWL – Iowa vs. Florida (4) – Quality match-up to start New Years… Um, the 2nd Day of January!
COTTON BOWL – Western Michigan vs. Wisconsin (5) – A possible match-up if we had an 8 team playoff!
ROSE BOWL – USC vs. Penn St (5) – USC is the hot team and Penn St shocked the Big-10! Another 8-team playoff match-up!
SUGAR BOWL – Auburn vs. Oklahoma (4) – Two very good teams, not great teams end the bowl season!

Mon. Jan. 9th
NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – (5+) – I don’t care what the match-up is, we got a playoff and 2 deserving teams playing for the title!!

So there you go! What are the games that you can’t wait to see. Are there some that you would rate higher or lower? We would love to hear what you have to say! Now don’t forget all of our CFB Bowl Action & late regular season and playoff NFL here at Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get all of our winning hoop and hockey action by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck!

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