Tip Time in the NBA!

A few weeks ago we posted the odds to win the NHL Stanley Cup. Unlike the NHL , which is pretty wide open, the NBA seems to lack excitement all of the league. You are either one of the few Haves or are part of the majority of Have-Nots! Over the past few years there was maybe a group of 6 to maybe 8 teams that really had any shot at taking home the NBA Title. This year that number has gone down dramatically. Sadly there are 2 maybe 3 teams that have any chance at all. That is truly seen in the Odds. Lets take a look. Before you look down at the odds, take a guess at which team is has the 4th best odds to win the title at +2800.

Golden St Warriors -125
Cleveland Cavaliers +350
San Antonio Spurs +900
Boston Celtics +2800
Los Angeles Clippers +3500
Oklahoma City Thunder +6000
Toronto Raptors +6000
New York Knicks +7000
Indiana Pacers +8000
Chicago Bulls +8500
Utah Jazz +8500
Memphis Grizzlies +8500
Minnesota Timberwolves +9000
Atlanta Hawks +10000
Portland Trailblazers +11000
New Orleans Pelicans +13500
Detroit Pistons +14000
Miami Heat +14000
Houston Rockets +15000
Milwaukee Bucks +15000
Washington Wizards +15000
Orlando Magic +20000
Dallas Mavericks +35000
Los Angeles Lakers +37500
Philadelphia 76ers +45000
Charlotte Hornets +50000
Denver Nuggets +50000
Sacramento Kings +50000
Phoenix Suns +85000
Brooklyn Nets +125000

So if there isn’t smart money on playing the NBA Championship Futures, then how about playing some Over/Under Season Wins. Let’s take a look at those.

Golden State Warriors 66½
Cleveland Cavaliers 56½
San Antonio Spurs 56½
Los Angeles Clippers 53½
Boston Celtics 52½
Toronto Raptors 50½
Utah Jazz 49
Portland Trail Blazers 45½
Detroit Pistons 44½
Indiana Pacers 44½
Houston Rockets 44
Oklahoma City Thunder 43½
Atlanta Hawks 43½
Memphis Grizzlies 42½
Charlotte Hornets 42½
Washington Wizards 42½
Minnesota Timberwolves 40½
Dallas Mavericks 38½
New York Knicks 38½
Chicago Bulls 38½
Orlando Magic 37½
New Orleans Pelicans 37
Denver Nuggets 37
Milwaukee Bucks 34½
Miami Heat 34½
Sacramento Kings 34
Phoenix Suns 30
Philadelphia 76ers 24½
Los Angeles Lakers 24½
Brooklyn Nets 20½

Looking at these numbers and I have a couple plays I like. Now I am not going to put the house on any of these but if you are looking to have some fun, here you go. First let’s start with the NBA Favorites, the Golden State Warriors, Last season they broke the record for regular season wins with 73 and all they did was add another incredible star in Kevin Durant. Take Golden St OVER 66½. Next up is the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron and company only won 57 games last year. Actually a disappointing regular season record, but they got the trophy. This year I expect then to get at least 60 Ws so take the OVER on the Cavs too. The San Antonio Spurs were right on pace with Golden St for most of the 2016 season ending up with 67 wins, this year they are without Tim Duncan, but they have added Pau Gasol in the middle. Another good team and another OVER 56½. So now I have a couple of teams that weren’t good but should show improvement. I like the addition of Serge Ibaka and Bismack Biyombo to go along with the young Orlando Magic line-up that won 35 last year. Take the Magic OVER the 37½ wins this year. The other team is the Milwaukee Bucks OVER 34½. Last year they dropped from 41 wins down to 33. I look for them to get back to close to .500 again with future Superstars Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker along with rookie big man Thon Maker. A couple teams I am not high on are the Brooklyn Nets and the Portland Trailblazers. The Nets should be the worst team in the league. Last year they won 21 games and this year they have spend a combination of $42 million on Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin and Trevor Booker. Take Brooklyn UNDER 20½. The Trailblazers were a surprise team last year winning 44 games after losing All-Star DeMarcus Aldridge. They were not projected to even make the playoffs. This year they won’t surprise anyone. I expect them to slide back a bit to what we expected last year and be close to .500. Take Portland UNDER 45½.

So would you take a shot at any of the longshots to shock the world and take the title from the Warriors or Cavaliers? If they did that it would be almost as big as Leicester City winning the EPL last year. What Over or Unders do you like? We would like your take on the upcoming season. Do not forget to get all of our hoop action all season long here at Razor Sharp Sports. Each day we post our Guaranteed $15 NBA Super Slamdunk and if it doesn’t win the next day is free. Last year we were 103-97-3 for the season. Of Course, get all of our winning football action plus baseball playoffs & NHL by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck

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