Checking out the Football Predictions!

By Razor Sharp Sports

Back in Mid-August myself,along with a group of handicappers here on made our predictions for the upcoming NFL and College Football season. I am happy to report that my prediction for the Super Bowl was better than last year, but then again it couldn’t have gotten much worse. This year at least I had one of my teams that I predicted in the Super Bowl make the playoffs. As for College Football I had two of the four teams in the College Final Four. I would have had three if Braxton Miller wounld have gotten hurt a week later. I had Ohio St in the Final Four originally, but took them out when Miller got hurt. So again I was off. Still some of our handicappers have done much better. Lets look at back at the predictions and see who did the best.

Lets start out in the NFL. We asked the handicappers to predict each of the divisional winners. No one had Carolina in the NFL South and only Kevin Todd had Pittsburgh in the AFC North! Of the 9 handicappers that gave us there predictions two of them got 6 division winners correct (Vegas Steam Line & Kevin Todd). If you throw in the wildcard teams and all nine handicappers were very close. Of the 12 playoff teams five of them (Vegas Steam, Arthur Ralph, #1 Sports, Easy Money & Hawkeye) had 8 teams in, while the other 4 handicappers (Razor, Jim Feist, Kevin Todd & Teya) had 7 teams in.

Then there was the pick for the big game. Right now of course we are down to the Final Four in the NFL. With Indianapolis, New England, Seattle and Green Bay still alive, we have 3 handicappers that still have a chance to get their Super Bowl Prediction correct. Arthur Ralph had New England over Green Bay, while both Jim Feist and Hawkeye Sports had Seattle over New England. Both #1 Sports and Kevin Todd have Seattle winning the Super Bowl but their AFC prediction was wrong.

So how about the College football season. As I mentioned before, Braxton Miller’s injury came before the predictions were made so many handicappers shied away from the Buckeyes. No one had them winning it all and only 2 handicappers, Jim Feist and #1 Sports, had Ohio St in the Final Four. As for picking the Final Four teams, Jim Feist was the only one of our 9 handicappers that hit all 4 teams correctly. 4 others (Vegas Steam, #1 Sports, Kevin Todd and Easy Money) got 3 of the 4 teams correctly.

Predictions are always fun to make and even more fun to brag when you make them and they come true. I have to say that with both teams still alive to go the Super Bowl and having all 4 of the College Final Four correct, Jim Feist gets the bragging rights for the best predictions of the handicappers for the 2014-15 football season. How were your predictions this year? Here is another chance for you to make your predictions. Who will win the Super Bowl? Get all of the rest of the NFL playoffs and plenty of Razor Sharp hoop action all season long by purchasing our plays on, by watching our Free play videos on FreeplaysTV, like us on facebook at and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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