Handicapper Football Predictions!

By Razor Sharp Sports

It is time to kick off the football season! A time of the year when so many of us celebrate as much Christmas morning! Whether your game is college or NFL it doesn’t matter because they both get underway for real in the next couple weeks. Because of that it is time for the Handicappers Football Predictions. 9 of our handicappers have made their predictions for the NFL and BCS. They are Razor Sharp Sports (RS), Jim Feist (JF), #1 Sports (#1), Vegas Steam Line (VS), Arthur Ralph (AR), Easy Money (EM), Teya Sports (TS), Hawkeye Sports (HS) and a brand new handicapper to the Freeplays family, Kevin Todd (KT). I have to warn you that predictions can be tricky and not always work out. Last year was the perfect example as I made possibly the worst Super Bowl Prediction ever with Houston over Atlanta. So lets see if I can redeem myself and she who everyone else likes.

We will start with the NFL and each individual division. We may be falling into the same old NFL track. Each year the easy pick is to take the teams that won the division the year before. Truth is picking the division winners from the year before doesn’t work. Of the last 5 years, the year with the most repeat division champs was 2012, where there was 5 repeat division champs. Other than that there were only 3 in 2009 and last year. Even worse there were only 2 repeat division champs in 2011 and 2010. So even knowing the stats it is hard to get away from defending champs. This year 7 of the 8 defending champs were picked by the majority again this year. Only the Carolina Panthers were not picked by the majority. As a matter of fact none of our handicappers picked them to win the division and only #1 has them returning to the playoffs asa wild card team. We had 3 teams that made the clean sweep when it comes to being predicted to win their division. They were the Patriots in the AFC East, the Colts in the AFC South and the Packers in the NFC North. 3 other teams were selected by 8 of the 9 handicappers. They were the Bengals in the AFC North (Kevin Todd went with the Steelers), the Saints in the NFC South (Hawkeye Sports went with the Falcons), & The Seahawks in the NFC West (Razor Sharp went with the 49ers). In 2 of the 3 cases the handicapper that didn’t go with the majority did have the team getting to the playoffs as a wildcard. Hawkeye didn’t have the Saints. So in the other 2 divisions this is how the picks came in. In the AFC West, 7 of the 9 had Denver with Arthur Ralph and #1 going with Kansas City (both had Denver in as a wildcard). In the NFC East7 of 9 had Philadelphia with Vegas Steam and #1 picking Dallas. Neither VS or #1 had Philly making the playoffs.

It was easy to describe the division winner breakdown because they were so similar, that isn’t the case for Wildcard picks. 9 different teams were selected as Wildcard teams in the AFC and 8 in the NFC. The only teams that were not picked by any of our handicappers to make the playoffs this year were Buffalo, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Oakland in the AFC and the NY Giants, Washington, Tampa Bay and St Louis is the NFC. Here are all of the Wildcard picks by each Handicapper.

Razor Sharp – AFC Baltimore & Houston, NFC Minnesota & Seattle
Jim Feist – AFC San Diego & Pittsburgh, NFC San Francisco & Chicago
#1 Sports – AFC Miami & Denver, NCF Carolina & San Francisco
Vegas Steam – AFC Kansas City & Pittsburgh, NFC Atlanta & San Francisco
Arthur Ralph – AFC Denver & Pittsburgh, NFC Detroit & San Francisco
Easy Money – AFC Baltimore & San Diego, NFC Chicago & Arizona
Teya Sports – AFC Kansas City & San Diego, NFC Detroit & Atlanta
Hawkeye – AFC Baltimore & Kansas City, NFC Chicago & Arizona
Kevin Todd – AFC Cincinnati & NY Jets, NFC San Francisco & Minnesota

Then there is the big pick. Who were the popular picks when it comes to going to the Super Bowl and winning it all? 4 of the 9 handicappers picked the Seahawks to defend their title (JF, #1, HS & KT). None of the other 5 had Seattle in the Super Bowl. 3 handicappers (VS, EM, & TS) had the Broncos winning the Lombardi Trophy. Again, no other handicapper had Denver in the Super Bowl. The other 2 picks to win it all was New England by Arthur Ralph and San Francisco by Razor Sharp. Jim Feist & Hawkeye had the Pats losing in the Super Bowl while no one else and San Francisco in the Super Bowl. Other teams picked to win their Conference Championship but lose in the big game were 2 Saints (VS & TS), Cincy (RS), Kansas City (#1), Green Bay (AR), Chicago (EM) & Pittsburgh (KT).

Now lets switch over to College Football and the new BCS Playoff. In case you missed it, College Football changed their Championship by going to a 4-team playoff. We asked all of of our handicappers to pick their Final Four and their National Champion. First lets look at the Final Four Picks. Ten different teams were selected to make the Final Four from our 9 handicappers. Only the defending champion Florida St. Seminoles were selected by all 9 handicappers. Alabama was picked by 8 of 9 (only Hawkeye didn’t pick them). Next came Oregon with 4 of the 9 (JF, VS, EM & KT). Both Oklahoma (RS, TS & HS) and UCLA (RS, #1 & TS) had 3 picks.A pair of Big-10 Teams got 2 picks in Michigan St (EM & KT) and Ohio St (JF & #1). On a quick side note, the Ohio St picked did come in prior to the season ending injury to QB Braxton Miller. Then there were 3 teams getting 1 pick each. They were Georgia and Stanford by Hawkeye Sports and Auburn by Vegas Steam. So wh o will win the first 4-team playoff and get the crystal football? 6 of the 9 think that Florida St has what it takes to win back-to-back titles. The others were Jim Feist and Easy Money with Alabama, along with Teya Sports with Oklahoma.

So there you go, the predictions have been made. It is time to kickoff. Before they do kickoff, what do you think of the predictions of our handicappers? Who do you like? Who will be the surprises and who will be the disappointments? We would love to hear your opinion. Also make sure you check in each day to take advantage of all of our Razor Sharp football & baseball action all season long by purchasing our plays on, by watching our Free play videos on FreeplaysTV, like us on facebook at and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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