Simultaneous Possession of the Wildcard

By #1 Sports

The abominal call by replacement referees back on September 24th turned an MD Jennings interception into a Golden Tate touchdown, a Packers win into a Seattle victory, and provided the tipping point for returning the first flight zebras…but the ramifications aren’t over yet by a long shot.

Heading into Week 13, the 7-4 Packers and the 6-5 Seahawks sit in the NFC’s Wildcard slots with the Buccaneers and Vikings a tie-breaker out, each holding 6-5 marks.

Disaster looms.

The worst case scenario put in motion more than two months ago is becoming a real possiblity. Aaaron Rodgers is being protected by the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. Tampa Bay is as hot as any team, winning 4 of their last 5, and Minnesota gets two shots at Green Bay, this week and on the season’s final Sunday.

Green Bay, Wisconsin isn’t exactly Los Angeles or Detroit when it comes to riot potential but America’s Dairyland does have it’s share of pitchforks and torches available if the Pack loses the final Wildcard slot – especially in a tie breaker to the Seahawks.

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