The BCS Championship Contenders

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Just a few weeks left in your 2012 College Football Regular Season and the BCS Championship picture is coming into focus. Let’s look in on the contenders in current BCS order…

Kansas State (10-0, .9674 BCS): The Wildcats got our attention on September 22nd when they beat our preseason champion pick, Oklahoma. A couple of decent challenges remain in Baylor’s (4-5) nationally 2nd-ranked passing attack on the road and Texas (8-2) at home on December 1st. No conference championship game and a decent BCS lead leaves State’s path in their control.

Oregon (10-0, .9497): 562.6 yards and 54.8 points of offense per game are the resume and the spotty schedule gets shored up their final 2 weeks against Stanford (8-2) and at Oregon State (7-2) who rank 1st and 10th nationally against the run. This pair is in the Duck’s North Division so USC or UCLA await in the PAC 12 Conference Championship Game.

Notre Dame (10-0, .9396): The Irish have faced their share of easy schedules but 2012 provided a champion’s proving ground with wins over Michigan, Stanford, BYU, and Oklahoma. Just 11.1 points and 296.2 yards allowed per game obscures a pretty limited offense. Wake Forest (5-5) this week at South Bend and at USC (11/24) next provide the final opportunites to make the move.

Alabama (9-1, .8675): The Aggies derailed a monster and the Tide can’t do much about getting back in the conversation until the SEC Championship Game on December 1st. Until then, home games against Western Carolina (1-9) and Auburn (2-8) can only hurt the reputation and dull the edge of a squad that looked unstoppable just 1 week ago.

Georgia (9-1, .8341): The Bulldogs are probably the most balanced of the conteders, ranking 37th in passing and 29th in rushing versus 22nd and 31st on the defensive side. Like Alabama, they can only hurt themselves in the remaining regular season with home games against Georgia Southern (8-2) this week and Georgia Tech (5-5) next.

It would be a shame if the nation’s best conference didn’t send a representative to Miami on January 7th but it’s a real posibility following the Tides’ loss last week. Justifying a 1-loss team over an undefeated is difficult. Over a pair is impossible – especially when were talking the BIG 12 Champion, the PAC 12 Champion, and Notre Dame.

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