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So the Major League season has already officially begun “Down Under” with the 2 games played by the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. But really opening day is a few days away with the full schedule of games next Monday. Once again I have asked our handicappers to make their predictions for the upcoming season. Last year we had plenty of swings and misses. Not one of our handicappers predicted the Boston Red Sox would win the World Series. As a matter of fact not one of them even picked them to win their division, even though all 4 of the other teams in the AL East were picked to win the Division Crown. Last year we had 3 teams that were picked to win their division by all of the handicappers that made their predictions. They were the Angels, Tigers and Reds. The Tigers were the only one of the three to do it. So this year we have 7 handicappers make their predictions. They are Razor Sharp Sports (RS), Mike Wynn Sports (MW), Jim Feist Sports (JF), #1 Sports (#1), Vegas Steam Line (VS), Huddle-Up Sports (HU) & Teya’s Sports (TS). So how did the picks go this year?

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By Razor Sharp Sports

The countdown is down to 2 weeks until the NFL kicks off for real. Our handicappers at have had a chance to take a look at each team a couple times in the pre-season, know what they did last year and know who they lost or gained in the offseason. Now it is time for them to put their money where there mouth is. Ten of our handicappers were asked their picks for each of the NFL divisions, their wildcard picks, along with their Super Bowl and BCS Championship picks. They were Razor Sharp Sports, Mike Wynn, Jim Feist, Kenny Towers, Vegas Steam Line, Totals 4 U, Arthur Ralph, Teya’s Sports, Dr. Vegas & Huddle Up Sporrts. So what did we find out and who do you agree with the most?

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By Huddle Up Sports

AFC East
The Dolphins are not as good as their 2-0 record. Don’t be fooled by Sanchez good outing last week. New England needs to play some defense. How soon before Randy Moss explodes? Buffalo looks like a JV high school football team. A change at QB won’t help.

AFC North
Pittsburgh is back to Steelers football. They were forced to. Hopefully they won’t forget that when BIG BEN comes back. Run and play defense! Baltimore’s defense is awesome. How, with all that talent, can they not score? Glad we didn’t jump on the Flaco fantasy bandwagon. The Batman and Robin experiment will explode pretty soon in Cincinnati. If Buffalo is a high school JV team, then Cleveland is the varsity team.

AFC South
Houston should’ve lost last week, but they didn’t. They’re 2-0 and their offense is perhaps the best in the league. Hey Jacksonville where’s MJD? USE HIM! Tennessee: Defense is tough. Don’t forget, Chris Johnson went against Pittsburgh’s defense. Indianapolis will still be there in the end. It’s early.

AFC West
Kansas City 2-0? Pretenders! We like Kyle Orton in Denver. Possible Contenders… at least in the division. Oakland, they’re still da RAIDERS. San Diego needs rookie RB Matthews to start wearing stick em. LT looks like a kid again in New York.

NFC East
Eli and the NY Giants may never beat the other Manning. Still too many weapons to dismiss after a bad outing against the Colts. Vick may not have the best character in the world, but he does give the Eagles the best chance to win. Speaking of Eagle QB’s McNabb sure looks good in Washington, unfortunately the running games does not. Dallas is in a world of hurt.

NFC North
We will see if the Bears are for real this week against the Packers, our pick for the Super Bowl. Green Bay; don’t get to play Buffalo every week. But the offense can stick with anyone. Detroit looking better, but not the BEST yet. Rookie RB looks a little like Barry Sanders, but it’s still early. Minnesota: Brett Favre must be thinking, I came back for this?

NFC South
New Orleans, although 2-0, not near where they were last year when they won the Super Bowl. Tampa Bay has beaten 0-2 Cleveland and 0-2 Carolina. Will get slaughtered by Pittsburgh this week. Turner looks slow, and Gonzo has disappeared in Atlanta. A change at QB won’t help Carolina. They need to get the running game going, to open the passing game.

NFC West
Arizona is begging Warner to come back and play QB. The dream is already over for the wannabe Cinderella Seahawks. The 49ers are still the team to beat in the division. Alex Smith actually looked good at QB last week. St Louis has so growing pains to go through.

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By Huddle Up Sports

NL East
Atlanta Braves: B+. Not sure why we’re not giving them an A. We expected great pitching and that’s exactly what the produced. The hitting is a tad inconsistent, therefore the B+. We don’t expect them to falter too much the second half

NY Mets: B. Too streaky. Have handled the injuries better than expected.

Philadelphia: C. They’ll come around. Disappointed in streaky offense. With that lineup and a couple good starters, they should be in first from game one to finish.

Florida: C+. Need to play better at home. Didn’t expect much from them this season.

Washington: B+. Exceeding expectations even before Strausberg. Never thought they would have been potential buyers!

NL Central:
St Louis: B. It’s exactly what we expected. Coaching staff is worth a couple of wins per season by itself. Anything less than a playoff spot will be an F.

Cincinnati: A. Great mixture of youth and veterans. getting good pitching. Never anticipated them to be in first place at this point in the season.

Chicago Cubs: D. Will they ever put together a good season?

Milwaukee: D. Macha has to go. We knew the pitching was bad, but seriously. the only thing holding them from the F is there hitting.

Houston: C-. Didn’t expect much out the Astros this year, but 18 games below .500 is ridiculous.

Pittsburgh: C. Will always be a farm club… for some other team.

NL West
San Diego: A+. The only A+ we’re giving out. All we can say is wow. We expect them to fade a little, but the West has always been a weak division.

San Francisco: B. This was our divisional winner pick. 10 games above .500 is acceptable.

Colorado: B+. Pretty much the same boat as the Giants. Not doing anything wrong, just that SD is unconscious.

LA Dodgers: C. Although above .500, they shouldn’t use the excuse “Our pitching is young”. Also, funny how Many isn’t producing and is always injured. HMMMM.

Arizona: D+. Can’t figure them out. But should be better than 20 games below .500.

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By Huddle Up Sports

It’s a shame Ken Griffey retired. In the day of steroids, it was nice to see a class act like Griffey to be clear of guilt. HOPEFULLY! But then again we never expected A-Rod to be in question either. Griffey was past his prime years ago, and finally lost his love for the game. It was time to retire, but it’s still a shame.

It’s a shame Armado Galarraga lost his perfect game on a blown call. But, he handled it with class. I’d be willing to bet 95% of the remaining players would not have handled as well as Galarraga. It was also nice to see umpire Jim Joyce admit to his mistake and sincerely fell bad for it. It was also the right decision, to not reverse the call. This was a situation, which was handled by all in the best way possible.

It’s pleasant to see Tampa Bay and Toronto give the BIG boys and the BIG payroll of Boston and New York a run for their money in the American League East. Hopefully it will continue to be a four team race. That would be one of the greatest finishes of all time. But don’t bank on it.

It’s not a surprise St. Louis, Minnesota, and Atlanta are all in first place. St Louis has the most talent, Atlanta has the best pitching and Minnesota, they just get the job done. HOWEVER, the common denominator is… they all have great coaches. The three best in the league perhaps.

There is plenty of baseball and there is also plenty to get excited about. Stay tuned for a great finish to the 2010 baseball season!

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By Huddle Up Sports

Mark Cuban says he’s not “Proud of the NBA”. Huddle Up Sports says shut up! Year after year, the Mavricks choke with all the talent in the world.

Never count out a team that Tim Duncan is on.

Dwight Howard of the Magic is complaining about SUPER STARS (Himself) getting cheap foul calls in the playoffs. Isn’t a foul a foul? No super star should get the benefit of the doubt no matter whom they are. It’s about time officials call it they way they see it!

Year after year, how does Utah do it?

Skip Bayless, give it a break already, Lebron James is a stud!

Old school. Great to see a team win with teamwork, hustle, and HEART the way the Milwaukee Bucks are right now. They way it used to be before the players were about the money. Reminds you of the good ole Bird, Magic, and Jordan days… where winning actually meant something!

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By Huddle Up Sports

Unlike the catcher position, there are an abundance of good first baseman. And other than Pujos, the second and third tiers are not that far from each other. We also recommend, if you have the first pick in the draft, although you wouldn’t go wrong with Pujos, take someone else. There will be plenty of very good first basemen available outside the top ten. After all, wouldn’t you rather have Hanley Ramirez and someone like Adrian Gonzalez/Derrek Lee than Albert Pujos and Jason Bartlett? Or A-Rod and a good first baseman? We would.

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By Huddle Up Sports

Ok, the USA dominated the Olympics. That came as no shock. The highlight may have been the hockey, however. Here’s our take on it. Yes, it was hyped as David vs. Goliath again. And yes, it was quite a matchup USA vs. Canada. Let us just say game two was just as good and exciting as game one between the two. We’re giving USA all the credit in the world, maybe too much? Why would we say this? Yes, Canada had more talent, more NHL players on the team, but does that make Canada a better team? We don’t think so. Canada outplayed the USA by far, but somehow, they heavy underdogs hung in there, beating them once and taking the favorite to overtime a second time. Unfortunately, it almost seemed, as USA was content with just that-overtime. In the overtime they didn’t attack at all. They played not to lose and that may have been what cost them the Gold. We believe if they replayed this game 10 times, USA would win at least six of the ten. Canada may have been the favorite, but they may not have been as good as they were hyped up to be. We’re not taking anything away from the USA because they did indeed exceed expectations, and we’re excited about the Silver Medal and even if they win the Gold, it will never compare to the Miracle on Ice. Nothing will. It was quite an accomplishment nonetheless. They played great, and to US, that was the highlight of the entire Olympics. Congratulations to the Hockey team and ALL USA Olympians’. GREAT JOB!

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By Huddle Up Sports

Wow! The Arizona/Green Bay playoff game two weeks ago was indeed an instant classic. Arizona vs. New Orleans was a total dud. And we we’re shocked. Huddle took the over as we thought it would be a shootout, but we also thought it would be a close shootout. We’re expecting another good one when it comes to Minnesota at New Orleans next week.

Speaking of Minnesota, how about Brett Favre? Yep, the author of this article has always been a Green Bay fan. And I, unlike the majority of Packer fans, I was secretly pulling for Brett to win another Super Bowl. That’s something Sac-Religious with ALL of my friends. However, the garbage he pulled AGAIN Sunday was the straw that broke the camels back. 4th and three… 2 minutes remaining, up by 3 TDs. Lets throw for the end zone. C’mon BERT show some class. As little leaguers, we’re taught not to rub it in. I guess there’s an exception if you’re labeled a “competitor”, or if you’re labeled Brett Favre. I am tired of hearing people make excuses for Brett. You’ve become a DUD when it comes to class Mr. Favre. Pad your stats Brett, pad your stats. You should be very proud.

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Aren’t you pumped up about this time of year? Headed into the last week of the regular season, there are plenty of NFL games that actually matter. Bowl Games are headed into full force, the games that actually matter. Ya it’s a great time of year.
Here’s something that doesn’t matter this time of year: Pro Bowl selection. First off all half the players that go, don’t care. I rememeber back in the day, beting on a game where Steve Young was eating a hotdog on the sideline in the middle of the game. Cmon! Secondly, players risk injury. It’s just not worth taking a chance. Third, some players don’t even go. Want to bet Bret Favre doesn’t go again this year? Also want to bet other players come up with some ridiculously fake injuries so they don’t have to go? Finaly fans don’t care (even the kids).
Here’s our solution: in the world we live in today, give them a bonus for making the Pro Bowl and play it on playstation. Nobody gets hurt, everyone will go, peolple may watch it if they put it on TV as a reality show, and everyone can eat a hotdog on the sideline. Plenty to be excited about down the stretch including a great playoff run, but the Pro Bowl isn’t one of them!