Texas Rangers at Detroit Tigers

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Detroit Tigers012120000682Final
Scoring Summary
2 Inning
Texas Rangers - Heim doubled to right, Jung scored.
Detroit Tigers - Cabrera hit sacrifice fly to right, Torkelson scored, Schoop to second.
3 Inning
Detroit Tigers - Rogers homered to left center (381 feet).
Detroit Tigers - Torkelson doubled to left, Báez scored, Torkelson to third.
4 Inning
Texas Rangers - Heim grounded out to shortstop, García scored, Jung to third.
Texas Rangers - Jankowski doubled to right, Grossman scored and Jung scored, Jankowski thrown out at third.
Detroit Tigers - Short reached on infield single to shortstop, Cabrera scored, Rogers to second.
5 Inning
Texas Rangers - Lowe singled to left, Semien scored.
Texas Rangers - Heim singled to right, Lowe scored and García scored.
Detroit Tigers - Ibañez homered to left (398 feet).
Detroit Tigers - Cabrera doubled to left, Schoop scored.
7 Inning
Texas Rangers - Jung homered to left center (429 feet), García scored.
9 Inning
Texas Rangers - Lowe scored, Jankowski safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Báez, Heim to second, García to third.
Texas Rangers Batting Summary
M. Semien, 2B5110001.296.365.484
C. Seager, SS5000000.315.379.573
N. Lowe, 1B5220101.274.354.428
A. Garcia, RF5430001.257.320.505
J. Jung, 3B5331201.291.338.527
J. Heim, C4200410.282.339.453
R. Grossman, DH3010020.241.314.382
T. Jankowski, LF4100210.299.372.403
L. Taveras, CF5000002.310.369.434
Detroit Tigers Batting Summary
Z. Short, CF3200100.308.400.564
A. Baddoo, CF2000001.261.367.395
J. Baez, SS5010002.224.271.306
R. Greene, CF1000001.296.362.443
A. Ibanez, 2B2111100.174.202.302
N. Maton, 2B2000001.162.286.316
S. Torkelson, 1B3110111.232.315.361
E. Haase, LF3000012.230.294.309
J. Schoop, 3B3010011.217.293.277
M. Cabrera, DH3310200.196.272.239
T. Nevin, RF2000000.083.207.208
Z. McKinstry, RF2000001.291.406.441
J. Rogers, C3111112.161.264.398
Texas Rangers Pitching Summary
M. Perez4.276624387-534.43
G. Anderson2.210000746-320.00
C. Ragans0.200000110-65.57
W. Smith1.00000018-63.32
Detroit Tigers Pitching Summary
A. Faedo4.176601473-505.54
J. Cisnero0.221100113-93.10
T. Holton2.022212138-212.54
B. Bristo2.021001033-230.00

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