Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays120000002580
Tampa Bay Rays3303010010120Final
Scoring Summary
1st Inning
Toronto Blue Jays - Bichette doubled to shallow left, Springer scored.
Tampa Bay Rays - Aranda homered to right (376 feet).
Tampa Bay Rays - Arozarena doubled to deep right, Margot scored, Arozarena to third.
Tampa Bay Rays - Arozarena scored on Berríos wild pitch.
2nd Inning
Toronto Blue Jays - Hernández homered to left (365 feet).
Toronto Blue Jays - Merrifield homered to left (357 feet).
Tampa Bay Rays - Margot reached on infield single to second, Choi scored, Aranda to second.
Tampa Bay Rays - Franco singled to left, Aranda scored, Margot to third.
Tampa Bay Rays - Arozarena singled to left, Margot scored, Franco to third.
4th Inning
Tampa Bay Rays - Franco doubled to deep center, Aranda scored and Walls scored.
Tampa Bay Rays - Peralta reached on infield single to shortstop, Franco scored.
6th Inning
Tampa Bay Rays - Peralta doubled to deep right, Arozarena scored.
9th Inning
Toronto Blue Jays - Merrifield homered to center (411 feet), Moreno scored.
Toronto Blue Jays Batting Summary
G. Springer, CF4210000.263.341.459
B. Zimmer, CF1000001.128.212.245
V. Guerrero Jr., 1B3000010.278.342.487
B. Bichette, SS4200101.285.329.475
O. Lopez, SS0000000.000.000.000
A. Kirk, DH4100001.298.384.431
M. Chapman, 3B3000011.237.328.456
T. Hernandez, RF4111102.259.310.467
D. Jansen, C3000000.254.327.503
G. Moreno, a - PH0010010.279.313.295
W. Merrifield, LF4222301.235.288.350
C. Biggio, 2B4000003.202.319.360
Tampa Bay Rays Batting Summary
J. Aranda, 3B-1B4231111.278.361.463
M. Margot, RF5220101.292.342.393
W. Franco, SS5210301.271.316.400
R. Arozarena, DH4320210.270.334.453
D. Peralta, LF5200201.248.312.418
F. Mejia, C4000000.250.273.393
J. Siri, CF4000002.214.272.339
J. Choi, 1B3110011.225.334.369
M. Mastrobuoni, 2B0000000.000.000.000
T. Walls, 2B-3B2010021.172.264.279
Toronto Blue Jays Pitching Summary
J. Berrios2.076611174-485.27
T. Richards1.113302340-225.73
Z. Pop1.220000119-153.06
D. Phelps1.011101122-142.98
F. Griffin2.010001227-168.53
Tampa Bay Rays Pitching Summary
J. Chargois1.021100121-153.12
R. Yarbrough1.032221134-214.50
G. Cleavinger2.010000425-193.93
S. Armstrong1.000000113-104.32
B. Raley1.000001016-102.42
C. Poche1.000000114-93.07
D. Knight2.022211238-245.73

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