Los Angeles Dodgers at Pittsburgh Pirates

Los Angeles Dodgers103000116100
Pittsburgh Pirates0120000360Final/8
Scoring Summary
1st Inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - Betts homered to center (417 feet).
2nd Inning
Pittsburgh Pirates - González doubled to right, Evans scored.
3rd Inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - McKinstry hit sacrifice fly to center, Turner scored.
Los Angeles Dodgers - Urías singled to right center, Bellinger scored and Lux scored, Barnes to second.
Pittsburgh Pirates - Reynolds homered to left (373 feet), Hayes scored.
7th Inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - McKinstry singled to right, Bellinger scored, Beaty to second.
8th Inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - Turner singled to center, Betts scored, Muncy to second.
Los Angeles Dodgers Batting Summary
M. Betts, RF4221111.255.366.447
M. Muncy, 1B4000011.260.416.510
J. Turner, 3B3210110.279.375.479
C. Bellinger, CF5220001.203.299.305
M. Beaty, LF3100000.284.382.411
P. Bickford, P0000000.000.000.000
A. Pujols, b - PH0000000.217.270.428
Z. McKinstry, 2B-LF3100201.247.288.438
G. Lux, SS3110011.236.295.374
A. Barnes, C1000030.227.352.352
J. Urias, P2100201.208.208.250
C. Taylor, a - PH-2B1000001.274.395.474
Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Summary
A. Frazier, 2B3100000.329.391.471
K. Hayes, 3B3110001.324.395.618
B. Reynolds, CF3111201.284.389.507
J. Stallings, C3000000.230.324.395
P. Evans, RF3210000.227.328.353
E. Gonzalez, 1B3100101.217.250.288
K. Tom, LF3000000.148.294.235
K. Newman, SS3000001.201.241.250
M. Keller, P0000000.154.154.154
C. Stratton, P1000001.000.000.000
C. Shreve, P0005000.000.000.000
B. Gamel, a - PH1000001.184.264.289
D. Underwood Jr., P0000000.000.000.000
D. Bednar, P0000000.000.000.000
K. Crick, P0000000.000.000.000
Los Angeles Dodgers Pitching Summary
J. Urias6.063310586-593.56
P. Bickford1.000000113-92.25
Pittsburgh Pirates Pitching Summary
M. Keller2.254413372-417.04
C. Stratton0.200001116-93.21
C. Shreve1.200000116-132.38
D. Underwood Jr.1.131102136-233.82
D. Bednar0.20000017-52.74
K. Crick0.121101017-92.08

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