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The sports handicappers employ the most successful tactics when gathering the necessary information for breaking down a game against the spread. Employed on the handicapping staff are huge names in the business such as Jim Feist, Jeff Allen and Mike Wynn to just name a few of the pros. Sports bettors will have the confidence knowing they have a partner on their side that has upwards of 30 years of experience in successfully returning winnings to their clients from their free picks. All of the sports handicappers are successful bettors as they put their plays into action in the Las Vegas casinos or on their offshore betting accounts. As you do your due diligence to research our talent you will find winners of the prestigious Las Vegas Hilton Super contest which is the top sports handicapping event in the entire world. Winning the Las Vegas Super contest is the equivalent of a poker playing winning the World Series of Poker Main Event. Be sure to seek out the sports handicapping specialists. These are individuals who pinpoint certain types of wagers. If you like to bet totals you will find totals specialists who do nothing but handicap totals from each game. Many peers in the industry respect sports handicapping specialists as they have perfected a skill level and will apply that solely in their personal betting and free pick releases to clients. Totals specialists will have taken all the issues such as injuries, spots, stats as well as travel when they handicap and release a play to their clients.

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The process of selecting the top handicappers in the business to the site came about after careful consideration. Each handicapper needed to show a long history of producing winning results from their documented plays. We interviewed each handicapper one on one to validate their abilities to successfully pick games against a pointspread, money line, total and a proposition bet. There can be several factors that go into the handicapping process to properly predict games. Our management team has verified with each handicapper on our staff their formula for predicting winning results against the Las Vegas Line and can report back that is proper game research structure, work ethic as well as sports knowledge by every individual on our site. Some utilize a database where team statistical data is stored to help handicappers assign a power rating for each team. The handicappers swear by their power rating numbers as they have successful decades in the sports advisory business and have the ability to set their own numbers. Many professional handicappers reach out to the aid of computer software to assign weight for different statistical data from each game. It definitely takes outstanding handicapping knowledge to assign an accurate line on a game. Many handicappers will pound the sportsbooks when there is a great variance between their power number and the current line on the betting board. The top handicappers in the business knows how injuries to key personnel to impact the team and adjust it properly in their power ratings.