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Sports bettors looking for the best NFL picks have found their source right here at We are experts in the field of handicapping pro football and have several decades delivering winning results for our clients and visitors. The NFL picks prognosticators put their hours of work in each day sifting through the local newspapers as well as other print, audio and television media necessary to find the edge to grind out a profit. Not only do we provide our clients with the best NFL picks every handicapper on board are also sports bettors who bet each pick they give out. Some of the methods used for handicapping the NFL will be how every bit of information collected on a game can be applied to the betting line. NFL bettors are all news hounds seeking important edges. The general public can be persuaded inadvertently by the large mass media outlets because their job is not to give you NFL betting picks but to hype the importance of the news they deliver. By repeating stories over and over the media is trying to hook viewers' attention to prevent them from changing the channel. We live in the competitive world of sports television news broadcasts. Hype is the key to make viewers think the news broadcasters are delivering is really important to what the outcome of the game will be. It is this edge of the seat reporting that can confuse recreation bettors into thinking the news being fed to them really matters to the outcome of the NFL game against the spread.

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There are several methods utilized by the staff at to deliver outstanding NFL picks to the general and professional betting public. Professional handicappers have the ability to dissect the importance of injuries on every position on the field and apply it correctly to the point spread. Sound cappers will go to great lengths to find the nuggets of information that can make the difference in a winning or losing bet. There is plenty of information out there for everyone to consume. From local newspapers online, streaming audio and video from news outlets and official team sites. Beat writers often are a great source of information for those seeking to make winning NFL picks. Those on the local beat have the best insight of anyone as they cover the team more than anyone on the planet. Professional handicappers have identified these individuals and will read every article or tweet written to stay on top of each and every team. As one can imagine this is a full time job and the experts in the industry of handicapping the NFL can spend well over 12 hours a day sifting through all of their media sources for the important stuff when giving out the best NFL picks to their clients. Recreational bettors can be defined by those who don't make betting on sports a full time job and have regular jobs. Those seeking to win with NFL picks ought to seek out a professional that they can consult with prior to placing a wager.