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Note: All information provided by Matchups is calculated from games with Las Vegas lines only.

Savannah St (2-1) at North Carolina A&T (2-0)

       Total OffenseTotal Defense 
731 Savannah St1112-11-2-02-1-052.362.742.3%52.5%20.7%42.9%69.5%34.1%Won 2
732 North Carolina A&T1.52-02-0-00-0-069.555.049.5%79.1%36.6%37.4%60.4%18.9%Won 2
Savannah St on the road (averages) North Carolina A&T at home (averages)
44.1% field goalsOffense (overall)60.8% field goals
25.0% 3 point shots3 point shots (offense)36.4% 3 point shots
54.3% free throwsFree throws (offense)71.4% free throws
45.0% field goalsDefense (overall)33.9% field goals
38.2% 3 point shots3 point shots (defense)19.2% 3 point shots
74.5% free throwsFree throws (defense)60.0% free throws
1-1 on the roadRecord1-0 at home
57.0 points scoredPoints scored85.0 points scored
74.0 points given upPoints given up60.0 points given up
Savannah St overall
 ScoreHalfOff RebTot RebTOStealsBlocksAssistsFouls
Savannah St52.325.79.729.017.311.
North Carolina A&T overall
 ScoreHalfOff RebTot RebTOStealsBlocksAssistsFouls
North Carolina A&T69.530.07.531.
Savannah St overall North Carolina A&T overall
2-11-2-02-1-052.362.7Year to date2-02-0-00-0-069.555.0
2-11-2-02-1-052.362.7Last 3 games2-02-0-00-0-046.336.7
1-00-1-00-1-043.040.0At home1-01-0-00-0-085.060.0
1-11-1-02-0-057.074.0On the road1-01-0-00-0-054.050.0
2-01-1-01-1-056.051.5As a favorite0-00-0-00-0-00.00.0
0-10-1-01-0-045.085.0As an underdog2-02-0-00-0-069.555.0
Savannah St last 25 gamesSavannah StOpponents
2/23@ Campbell69-63-2.5118.5WWO25-48 52.1%332022-52 42.3%3120
1/21Bethune-Cookman43-40-8.5116.5WLU15-40 37.5%331216-43 37.2%2813
12/12@ Ohio State85-45+21.5116.5LLO20-54 37.0%212028-59 47.5%4820
North Carolina A&T last 25 gamesNorth Carolina A&TOpponents
11/24@ NC A&T54-50+9 WW 14-40 35.0%271617-40 42.5%3221
11/23Campbell85-60+9.5 WW 31-51 60.8%351420-59 33.9%3013
Savannah St vs North Carolina A&T - Last 3 seasons
DateTeams/LineFinalHalfSUATSShooting3pt ShotsFree ThrowsRebTO