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Those looking to increase their earnings from sports betting should take a look at the free college football predictions offered at Hosted on our site are the industries top sports handicappers who are proven winners in the field as they offer the betting public free college football picks with astute analysis each day on the site. The handicappers keep up to date with all the latest news and injury updates plus they possess the proper knowledge and experience to apply the information properly against the point spreads. With over 100 major college football programs in action from week to week the challenge for the recreation bettors can be great if they do not allocate enough hours in the day to keep up with pertinent news. Many times the sports bettor who has a regular job will look to handicap on their own only the high profile games because they feel that may have adequate knowledge about both teams. Often times the high profile game may indeed be a coin clip game against the spread with no edge for the bettor. They are simply making a bet with a negative expectancy return of -10% and over time the recreation bettors will be juiced out. There is a 10% tax applied to every wager against the spread and paid only if you lose. A professional handicapper devotes several hours each day handicapping the entire board of games. An expert will work full time handicapping and betting on games. Every free college football prediction released is also wagered by the handicapper releasing the play.

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In the sports advisory business it is important for bettors to only follow the professional handicappers who make their picks viewable to the general public once they have started. At the result page allows the public to view results from the prognostications when it comes to their free college football predictions that have been released. Transparency is the best policy and that is why the results page was generated. At we want to display each handicapper's results from their free college football predictions so you the consumer can confidently go to the window and place your bets. In today's world where much information is distributed in short text statements on social networks such as Twitter or on sports betting forums it is important to be able to properly document results and many Twitter or forum account operators will only tout the wins and hide the losses. Many Twitter cappers won't spend the time and money to properly set up a database and line service that enables them the ability to document their plays. Who has the time to fish through 1000's of sports betting forum and Twitter posts to add up the wins and losses by hand? Feel free to click through our handicapper roster bios and check out their winning results. Our staff is willing to share their records with you. Make your source for free college football predictions because our handicappers are the best in the business plus we document every selection right here on the site.