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Sports bettors looking for the best free college football picks can find the sharp plays from the top handicappers at With over 110 major college football betting board teams keeping up with all the happenings can be a challenge to those who have regular 9-5 jobs. The professional handicappers at put in heavy hours each week looking for critical information that will impact the betting line giving you the bettor an advantage against the sportsbooks. Injuries to impact players are more critical in college football because many teams lack the depth behind starters and are forced to insert underclassmen with very little experience. Injuries to the offensive lineman in college football can be critical. Often time teams are forced to change their offensive game plan due to an inexperienced replacement on the line to protect the teams quarterback. Teams with juniors and seniors on their line have experience together so when a freshman or sophomore is forced to play due to injury the chemistry and timing break down. Sharp prognosticators who release free college football picks have good knowledge on each roster and look for teams with experienced starters on both sides of the ball. Just because a team was great last year doesn't mean they will be good or great the following year. Teams will see great turnover from both sides of the ball as players run out of eligibility. A good indicator for teams returning few starters is for handicappers to view the Spring Game as they will get a sneak peak of new starters.

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The handicappers at presents free college football picks on video to reveal their betting knowledge and competence in this industry. It is a good indicator for bettors to size up a handicappers ability to break down and deliver winning college football picks with confidence when you catch them on video giving out plays with analysis. Unlike in the NFL there is not a lot of parity in college football. You can find many favorites in the betting board by over touchdown week in and week out. As you go deeper into the season teams will improve so laying double digit points in conference game is not a good practice. A handicapping tip for college football stats analysis is to back out the starts of BCS teams when they are pitted against FCS schools or small conference division one schools from the MAC, Sun Belt and WAC conference. Major powers will often dominate these schools with their tremendous size and strength advantage on the line of scrimmage which results in blow out games. Because of this, stats will not be true and are inflated due to the results generated against very weak teams. It is situations like these why sports bettors need a partner in this endeavor of sports betting. If you find little time for research or are losing picks because you are not digging deep enough for information it is time to hire the services of a professional. No better place to evaluate the talent than the free college football picks in our videos.