Fantasy Football 2018 – Part 3 (Top 5 Players to Be Cautious Of)

Each and every year there are players that they call a gamble. Still no matter what the case, there is always a time to take a gamble. So I have come up with my Top-5 players that I would take caution in before selecting them in my draft. Again, I am not saying to avoid these players, just take a look at when you are taking them. A bad pick in the 3rd or 4th round can also be a great pick in the 5th or 6th round. So lets take a look at the list starting at #5 and go to the biggest gamble.

#5 – QB Drew Brees (New Orleans) – For so many years, Brees had been one of my favorite targets at Quarterback in my fantasy draft. A couple reasons Brees has made my list this year. The first and most obvious is his age. If Brees could lead the Saints to the Super Bowl this year, he will be 40 years old. The second reason is the change in offensive game plan by the Saints. Last year was the second time in the last 11 years that Brees didn’t throw at least 400 passes in a season. The other year he only played 15 games. It was also the first time in 10 years that he didn’t throw at least 32 TDs. He only had 23 last year. Last year, the Saints Passing offense dropped from #1 to #5 in passing offense, but went from 16th up to 5th in rushing offense. Brees’ 18th season in the NFL will more than likely be productive, but maybe not quite to the numbers he has produced in the past.

#4 – RB Jerick McKinnon (San Francisco) – McKinnon has put up decent numbers in Minnesota the past few years, but I don’t know that his 5’9″ 205 lb body can carry the workload of a #1 Running Back. McKinnon is a dual threat running and catching the ball out of the backfield. Last year was his most productive as a Pro with 570 yards rushing and 51 receptions for 421 yards. He also found the endzone 5 times. Moving to the Niners will also mean getting used to a new offense and working with a new unit. I expect him to again put up some numbers but I would make him my #2 or even #3 RB, not my #1

#3 – QB Carson Wentz (Philadelphia) – Last year, Wentz was on pace to possibly win the NFL MVP before he got hurt. I think the injury will be his least worry. Being young, he should bounce back from the injury and not really lose a step. His bigger issue is technology. Defensive Coordinators have not gotten 2 full years of game film to study and help game plan against him. The Eagles also have the Super Bowl Champ Target on them and will get the best out of all their opponents. Finally, though the Eagles won’t say the words QB controversy, Nick Foles will always be there in the back of Wentz mind in case he doesn’t product immediately. Not only in his mind, but the city of Philadelphia isn’t the easiest on their players if they don’t product right away.

#2 – WR Kelvin Benjamin (Buffalo) – The big target will start his first full season with the Bills. Last year he split time in Buffalo and Carolina. Even last year his numbers came down with the change in uniform. He had 32 catches in 8 games (4.0/game) in Carolina and 16 catches in 6 games (2.7/game) in Buffalo. The 2 other years in Carolina he averaged 4.3 catches per game. His yards per catch also came down in Buffalo at 13.6, compared to 14.4 as a Panther. He also only had 1 TD in his 6 games in Buffalo, compared to 18 scores on 40 games in Carolina. Now Benjamin will also have to work with a question of who will be his QB. Will it be the newly acquired A.J. McCarron (133 career NFL Passes), 2-year youngster (56 career NFL Passes) & Rookie Josh Allen. Finally there is the Buffalo weather. Once you get into your fantasy playoffs, how many Bills do you want playing in Buffalo in December?

#1 – QB Dak Prescott (Dallas) – After an incredible Rookie season, Prescott’s numbers came down a bit in 2017. He had more than 300 yards passing, 1 more TD, 5% better completion percentage and 9 less interceptions in 2016. Like Carson Wentz, the D-Coordinators have more film to game plan for Prescott this season. The biggest factor for my warning on Prescott is that he lost his Top 2 targets in Dez Bryant-69 catches (released) and Jason Witten-63 catches (retired) heading into 2018. Another reason Prescott’s numbers will decrease is the full-time return of Ezekeil Elliott at Running Back. With Elliott back for the whole season and the huge O-line, the ground game will be game plan #1 in Big-D.

I know there are other players out there that you should be cautious about but there are my Big-5. Who are your warning players? Do you agree with my list? We would love to hear your opinions as we get closer to draft day! I would expect most people’s drafts would begin this weekend and then over the next couple weeks. While you are putting your drafts together, don’t forget to check in with Razor Sharp Sports daily for our great Pre-Season NFL Selection, along with the baseball action. Then next week we kick off the College Football Season! It is a great time of year. Let’s have some fun! Good Luck!!

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