Profiting from the Umpires!

As the kids start finishing up school, the NBA & NHL playoffs are coming to an end. That really leaves us with one option when it comes to daily sports action. That of course is MLB Baseball. So how do you make the most of it? Well when you look at baseball I hate to play any of the high line games (anything over -150), unless something really jumps out at me. So that cuts down more on your options. OK, you can play the higher line games in parlays to make more plays but then, in most cases, you are getting worse odds. So what do you do? How about taking a look at playing more totals. The Over/Under in a game can be very profitable if you just take a look at few things like, weather, pitching match-ups, injuries or players resting and maybe the best system, Home Plate Umpires! We are two months into the season so let’s take a look at which umpires really show a trend toward Over or Unders. Here are the lists of umpires that have a 70% or better lean toward either the Over or the Under as of Tuesday June 5th.

TOP OVER UMPIRES IN 2018 (Winning %, Units Won, & Runs/Game)
1. David Rackley 7-1 (87.5%, +6.1 units, 10.2 rpg)
2. Adrian Johnson 9-2 (81.8% +7.0 units, 10.2 rpg)
3. Jerry Layne 9-2 (81.8% +6.8 units, 11.1 rpg)
3. Larry Vanover 9-2 (81.8% +6.8 units, 11.2 rpg)
5. Brian Knight 8-2 (80.0% +6.0 units, 12.6 rpg)
6. Sean Barber 4-1 (80.0% +3.0 units, 9.0 rpg)
7. Mark Ripperger 9-3 (75.0% +5.8 units, 10.8 rpg)
8. Mark Carlson 9-3 (75.0% +3.9 units, 12.5 rpg)
9. Tom Hallion 9-3 (75.0% +3.8 units, 10.1 rpg)
10. Todd Tichenor 7-3 (70.0% +3.7 units, 9.7 rpg)
Honorable Mention Brian Gorman 9-4 (69.2% +5.0 units, 11.0 rpg)

TOP UNDER UMPIRES IN 2018 (Winning %, Units Won, & Runs/Game)
1. Dan Bellino 9-1 (90% +8.0 units, 6.7 rpg)
2. Sam Holbrook 9-2 (81.8% +7.1 units, 5.8 rpg)
3. Bruce Dreckman 9-2 (81.8% +6.9 units, 6.8 rpg)
4. Adam Hamari 8-2 (80.0% +5.8 units, 7.8 rpg)
5. Mike Dimuro 7-2 (77.8% +4.9 units, 6.5 rpg)
6. Doug Eddings 9-3 (75.0% +5.7 units, 6.8 rpg)
7. Brian Onora 9-3 (75.0% +5.6 units, 7.2 rpg)
8. Alan Porter 8-3 (72.7% +4.9 units, 7.7 rpg)
9. Mike Estabrook 8-3 (72.7% +4.5 units, 7.0 rpg)
10. Hunter Wendelstedt 10-4 (71.4% +5.4 units, 7.6 rpg)
11. Tony Randazzo 7-3 (70.0% +3.9 units, 7.9 rpg)

There are the umpires you should really look at when they are scheduled behind the plate. In case you don’t understand the numbers, this is how they work. The first list is the record you would have if you would have played all of the games that those umpires were behind the plate OVER the total. Your record would have been 89-26. That is a winning percentage of 77.4%. If you would have played a basic 100 unit play for each you would be up 57.9 units or +5790. The units do vary a bit because the Over/Unders do have different lays for each game. Now if you would have played the UNDER on the umpires in the second list you would have a record of 93-28 (76.9%) You would be up 62.7 units or +6270. The last number listed is the runs per game they have averaged. Without a doubt you can see the difference in the Over Umps and the Under Umps. Why is their a difference? It is simple, even though it is said that the strike zone is supposed to be armpits to knees above the plate, each umpire sees things differently. Some have a little bigger or smaller strike zone. Some have a higher or lower strike zone. Some will give pitchers the corners while others don’t. In case you were wondering, overall for the season so far there have been 370 OVERS and 400 UNDERS so far this season.

Now I can’t say that this trend on all of these umpires will continue the way they have gone so fare this year. Maybe an umpire has just been scheduled with pitchers that weren’t on their game, maybe they had a run of cold weather when they were behind the plate. Maybe the wind has been blowing out for more of their games. There are many things that can effect the Over/Under but taking a look at the Umpire behind the plate should be one of the things you do before you make a Totals decision. For the best decisions throughout the baseball season, let us do the work for you. Check into Razor Sharp Sports daily for the Sharpest Baseball Selections in the business by going to and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports! Good Luck!

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