World Cup 2018 is Just Around the Corner!

The countdown to the biggest sporting event on the planet is down to less than a month. For the past couple decades the United States has tried to increase the interest and for that matter become a passionate Soccer country. Things have grown in the US but with so many other options (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, softball, etc.) for our children to choose to play and watch, soccer still isn’t the giant like it is in so many other countries all over the world. Another thing that will not help this issue is the fact that the US Men’s Soccer team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup Tournament. There will still be some interest in the US and you know the rest of the world will be watching. So let’s take a look at the Odds for the 2018 World Cup in Russia starting on June 14th.

Germany +450
Brazil +450
Spain +600
France +700
Argentina +900
Belgium +1100
England +1600
Portugal +2500
Uruguay +3300
Croatia +3300
Colombia +4000
Russia +4000
Poland +6600
Denmark +8000
Mexico +8000
Switzerland +10000
Sweden +10000
Senegal +15000
Egypt +15000
Iceland +15000
Serbia +15000
Japan +20000
Nigeria +20000
Peru +20000
Costa Rica +25000
Australia +30000
Iran +30000
Morocco +30000
South Korea +40000
Tunisia +50000
Panama +100000
Saudi Arabia +100000


Group A
Uruguay +100
Russia +125
Egypt +550
Saudi Arabia +3300

Group B
Spain -200
Portugal +185
Morocco +1600
Iran +2500

Group C
France -350
Denmark +450
Peru +900
Australia +1800

Group D
Argentina -180
Croatia +225
Nigeria +1000
Iceland +1200

Group E
Brazil -400
Switzerland +600
Serbia +800
Costa Rica +1800

Group F
Germany -310
Mexico +500
Sweden +600
South Korea +2000

Group G
Belgium -125
England +120
Tunisia +1600
Panama +2500

Group H
Colombia +120
Poland +175
Senegal +500
Japan +700

Yes, Germany and Brazil are the two favorites but this isn’t the NBA where that means you can put them directly into the Finals. There is a long road to get there. If the Groups play to the odds, Germany will win Group F and have to play the #6 ranked team in the World, Switzerland in the first round of the brackets. If the Swiss manage to win Group F, that means Brazil would be the #2 in F and all of a sudden the Top 2 teams in the World, Germany and Brazil would match-up in the first round. If Brazil were to win their Group, they would probably play Mexico or Sweden in the First Round. Then they would more than likely play the #3 ranked team in the World, Belgium, in the quarterfinals. So if the top teams have a tough road, who has an easier one. I like the draw that both France and Argentina have. First of all, France has a pretty easy pool with only the #11 Peru and #12 Denmark teams in with them. After that they would match-up against the Group D runner-up which will more than likely be #18 Croatia or Nigeria, who isn’t ranked in the Top-20. Then if they win and things stay on rankings they would get Uruguay (ranked #17) in the Quarterfinals. Argentina is another team with a pretty easy early road. They should cruise in pool play past Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland. Then they would get Denmark or Peru in the 1st Round followed by #8 Spain or #4 Portugal. I don’t consider myself a soccer expert but I see France and Argentina getting to the Semis with the easiest overall trip. Yes, then they will have to play the best but could come into it much fresher than a team like Germany or Brazil, who will battle throughout.

So if I were to make a pick who would I go for? Well let me give you a group. I will still take Germany (9/2), giving us one of the favorites. Then I want France (7/1) and Argentina (9/1) because of their draw and one long shot in Peru (200/1). They are ranked #11 in the world so stranger things have happened. Make all 4 plays the same amount and if any of them win, we make a profit. I also will give you a couple upsets in pool play. I like Portugal (+185) in Group B and Poland (+175) in Group H. Play both the same and if either win we profit again.

So I gave you my “NON” expertise, so who do you like? Are the favorites going to get it done or are there some underdogs that will shock us all. As we watch the World Cup this summer, don’t forget to check us out for our expertise getting our MLB action along with late Playoff plays in the NBA & NHL! Get all the plays daily at and click on

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