Post-Season Pucks!

Going up playing hockey and being a fan of the NHL, I have reached one of my favorite times of the year. The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are about to begin and to me it looks like a wide open affair again. Over the past few years we have seen some of the most exciting post-seasons in my memory for any sport. So many close games and overtime affairs. Once again I believe that all you have to do is make the playoffs and then your season can really start. Anyone that makes it in the playoffs can skate off with Lord Stanley’s Cup. If you are a sports fan but have really not watched a lot of hockey, do yourself a favor and tune in for a few games. I bet you will quickly become a fan! I am writing this article before the final games this weekend so instead of the field of 16 that make the playoffs, there is still 18 teams that have a shot to win it all. So lets take a look at the odds to win the Stanley Cup.

Nashville Predators +375
Tampa Bay Lightning +500
Boston Bruins +575
Pittsburgh Penguins +700
Vegas Golden Knights +800
Washington Capitals +800
Winnipeg Jets +1300
Toronto Maple Leafs +1700
Anaheim Ducks +2200
Columbus Blue Jackets +2600
San Jose Sharks +2800
Los Angeles Kings +3000
Minnesota Wild +3500
New Jersey Devils +4500
Philadelphia Flyers +4500
St Louis Blues +5000
Colorado Avalanche +6000
Florida Panthers +50000

So as I also like to do, I have some predictions for this year’s winner. Over the past few years people say to me at this time, how can you not take the favorites? Each and every year, the playoffs prove me right. I am not saying I have picked the winner every year, but over the past 4 years since the NHL went to the 4 Division Playoff Format, a #1 Division Seed has yet to win the Stanley Cup. The last two years Pittsburgh has been the Metro #2 seed. The year before that Chicago was the West #3 and in 2014 Los Angeles was the Pacific #3. I expect more of the same this year, that is why I again will stay away from the #1 seeds. That means no Nashville, Tampa Bay, Washington or Vegas. That still gives us some very good teams and a good chance to make some nice cash. Lets start with the 2-time Stanley Cup Champion, Pittsburgh Penguins (+700). They are right in the same spot they were the past two years as the Metro #2 behind Washington. Then I will go with the Boston Bruins (+575). Before the 3 game losing streak to finish the year, the Bruins were playing better than any team in the league. Next up is a team that is a up-and-comer, the Winnipeg Jets (+1300). The Jets haven;t been known as power-house but currently are 3rd in points for the regular season. I also like Toronto (+1700). Auston Matthews is a game changer and the Leafs could get on his back. I will also give you 2 real long shots in San Jose (+2800) and Philadelphia (+4500). These are two teams that have the potential to get hot and give us a great score. So if you play all 6 of those teams you have quality and quantity. I know you won’t make any money with Boston but I couldn’t leave them out this year. So who do you like? Make sure you check in for our incredible Guaranteed $15 NHL Daily Power Play. It has been a great season going 98-77 so far. Plus don’t miss the NBA Playoff action and MLB winners. Go to and click on Razor Sharp Sports!

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