Wild & Wacky Week 1, What Will Happen Next!

Every year the NCAA Tournament gives us some exciting finishes and shocking upsets but I can’t remember a First Week like this in a long time! We have cut things down to the Sweet 16 and of those 16 only 7 of them were Top 4 seeds. For the first time since 2004 we lost two #1 seeds (Virginia & Xavier) in the first week, including the first ever #1 losing to a #16 in the First Round with the UMBC upset of Virginia on Friday! Besides the #1s that got the early boot, We also lost two #2s (North Carolina & Cincinnati), two #3s (Tennessee & Michigan St) and three #4s (Arizona, Wichita St & Auburn). Arizona and Wichita St didn’t make it out of the 1st Round! What was more amazing was both the UMBC win over Virginia and the Buffalo win over Arizona were in blowout fashion. Then round two saw its own version of a surprise bolwout upset with #2 North Carolina falling to Texas A&M by 21. Then how about the fantastic finished. There was the last second Freshman Heroics by Jordan Poole of Michigan hitting a 3-pointer at the buzzer to knock out Houston. There were two incredible come from behind wins by 7 seed Nevada. First they came back from 14 in Round 1 to beat Texas. Then not to be outdonw the came from 22 back to beat #2 Cincinnati in Round 2. There were late come from behind victories by Syracuse to beat Michigan St and Florida St to take out #1 Xavier. Plus we can’t forget about the pair of #11 seeds (Loyola-Chicago and Syracuse) that have moved on to play next week. What else could happen? Well they don’t call it March Madness for nothing. I am sure we will be shocked more before it is all said and done. So lets take a look at odds the rest of the way and compare them to what they were last week at this time.

ODDS TO WIN THE NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP (odds heading into tourney)
Villanova +375 (+570)
Duke +390 (+835)
Kansas +725 (+1450)
Kentucky +725 (+4400)
Gonzaga +825 (+2550)
Michigan +925 (+1500)
Purdue +1300 (+1200)
West Virginia +1600 (+4400)
Texas Tech +2250 (+7500)
Texas A&M +3200 (+23000)
Clemson +5500 (+18000)
Nevada +6500 (+55000)
Florida St +7000 (+32500)
Kansas St +7000 (+55000)
Syracuse +10500 (+130000)
Loyola-Chicago +12500 (+38000)

As you see and expect most odds got better. Only Purdue’s odds got worse, but that was expected with the injury to Big Man Isaac Haas. The biggest jumpers seem to be Kentucky going from +4400 down to +725 (tied for 3rd favorite), Texas A& M from +23000 to +3250 and Syracuse +130000 to +10500. So is it time for the cream to rise to the top or does Cinderella stay at the ball? What do you think. Who do you like now? How do your brackets look? Make sure you get all of our winning NCAA and other College Tourney action, along with the NBA & NHL, by going to Freeplays.com and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports! Good Luck!

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