2018 Super Bowl Props….Well Some of Them!!

The Eagles have touched down in Minneapolis and the Patriots will arrive later today. Super Bowl Week has arrived and Vegas is all ready for the big game. Depending on where you look you can find the most basic Super Bowl Prop Bets to the craziest things you can think of. From an article I read last week over 400 different Prop Bets will be put out by Sportsbooks. Now I am not going to post them all here for you, but how about a group of basic one, a group of easy 50/50 ones and them some of those wacky, wild ones! Here you go, let the fun begin!

First let’s start with the basic props that everyone will have.

First Half Line
Philadelphia 24un25
New England -3ev

First Quarter Line
Philadelphia 9½ov125
New England -½+105

Second Quarter Line
Philadelphia 14
New England -½-120

Third Quarter Line
Philadelphia 9½ov140
New England -½+110

Fourth Quarter Line
Philadelphia 13½ov120
New England -½ev

Total Points Scored by the Eagles
OVER 21-120
UNDER 21ev

Total Points Scored by the Patriots
OVER 26½-130
UNDER 26½+110

First Team to Score
Philadelphia +115
New England -135

Last Team to Score
Philadelphia +115
New England -135

Odds to Win the Super Bowl MVP
Tom Brady (NE) -175
Nick Foles (Phil) +300
Rob Gronkowski (NE) +800
Dion Lewis (NE) +1000
Jay Ajayi (Phil) +1200
Danny Amendola (NE) +1500
Brandin Cooks (NE) +1500
Zach Ertz (Phil) +2000
Alshon Jeffery (Phil) +2500
Fletcher Cox (Phil) +3000
Nelson Agholor (Phil) +3000
Chris Hogan (NE) +5000
James White NE) +5000
LeGarrette Blount +5000
Stephen Gostkowski (NE) +5000
Torrey Smith (Phil) +7000
Jake Elliot (Phil) +8000
Corey Clement (Phil) +10000
Devin McCourty (NE) +10000
Kyle Van Noy (NE) +10000
Malcolm Butler (NE) +10000
Malcolm Jenkins (Phil) +10000
Mychal Kendricks (Phil) +10000
Nigel Bradham (Phil) +10000
Patrick Chung (NE) +10000
Patrick Robinson (Phil) +10000
Stephon Gilmore (NE) +10000
Field +1200

Longest Touchdown of the Game
OVER 44½ yards -115
UNDER 44½ yards -115

First Touchdown of the Game
Passing Touchdown -160
Any Other TD +125

The First Score of the Game will be:
Touchdown -155
Other +135

Will there be a Score in the last 2:00 of 1st Half?
Yes -280
No +240

Will there be a Safety in the Game?
Yes +800
No -1200

Will the Game go to Overtime?
Yes +1020
No -1540

Will the Team to Score First, Win the Game?
Yes -160
No +140

So how about some easy Either Or, 50/50 like Props.

Coin Flip
Heads -110
Tails -110

Team To Kickoff First
Philadelphia -110
New England -110

Total Field Goals Made
Over 3½+100
Under 3½-120

Total Passing Yards for Tom Brady (NE)
Over 294½-110
Under 294½-110

Total Passing Yards for Nick Foles (Phil)
Over 247½-110
Under 247½-110

Total Rushing Yards for Dion Lewis (NE)
Over 50½-110
Under 50½-110

Total Rushing Yards for Jay Ajayi (Phil)
Over 60½-110
Under 60½-100

Total Receiving Yards for Rob Gronkowski (NE)
Over 73½-110
Under 73½-110

Total Receiving Yards for Zach Etrz (Phil)
Over 58½-110
Under 58½-110

Total Punts in the Game
Over 8½-110
Under 8½-110

Total Sacks in the Game
Over 4½-110
Under 4½-110

Total Net Yards Made in the Game
Over 732½-110
Under 732½-110

Total Kickoff Returns in the Game
Over 4½-145
Under 4½+125

Total Fumbles Lost in the Game
Over 1½+150
Under 1½-200

Total Interceptions in the Game
Over 1½+125
Under 1½-145

Then we have our crazy Super Bowl Props.

Length of the National Anthem
Over 122 seconds-110
Under 122 seconds-110

Who Will Have More?
Ben Simmons (NBA) Points on Sunday +3½-110
Phil. Eagles Points on Sunday -3½-110

Who Will Have More?
Kyrie Irving (NBA) Points on Sunday +½-110
NE Patriots Points on Sunday -1½-110

Who Will Have More?
Ohio St (CBB) Points on Sunday -6½-110
Rob Gronkowski (NE) Receiving Yards +6½-110

Who Will Have More?
Jordan Spieth (PGA) 4th Round Birdies on Sunday +½-130
Zach Ertz (Phil) Receptions on Sunday -½+110

Who Will Have More?
USA Gold Medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics -½-115
Total points Scored in 1st Quarter of Super Bowl +½-105

Who Will Have More?
Playoff Wins the Vegas Golden Knights will have in 2018 -½-105
Super Bowl Touchdowns Scored +½-115

Total times the word “Dilly” will be said during actual game (not commercials)?
Over 18+100
Under 18-140

Total Number of Tweets President Trump will make on Feb 4th
Over 5-110
Under 5 -110

Will Al Michaels refer to the game’s pointspread?
Yes +125
No -165

Will either Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth say “Rocky” during broadcast?
Yes +125
No -165

OK, so I could just keep going and going but by the time I finished the game would be over! I hope I have given you a taste of the Super Bowl Props. If you need more you will have to go digging around on the internet. Trust me, is isn’t tough, they are everywhere. Don’t forget to check in and get my Super Bowl 5 Top Props, including my Lock for just $20. Over the past 7 years these plays have gone 23-12 (only 2-3 last year). Get these Props, along with my Super Bowl Picks, the NBA, College Hoops and NHL at Freeplays.com and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports! Enjoy the game!!

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