CFB Playoff Picture – The First Look!

Next Tuesday the College Football Playoff Committee will release their first CFP Rankings. We figured we would get a jump on them and take a look at things as they sit right now. Who are the Top Teams? Who is in the hunt? Who needs some help? And who really has no shot to make it to the playoffs anymore? When we take a look at the recent past we can see that the door is still wide open for many teams. So lets take a look at things.

This is the 4th year of the current College Football Playoff Format. We took a look at the past 3 years to give us an idea of who can still make it and who is out. Well the first group that we are scratching off the list of possible playoff teams are those that have 2 losses or more already. No team has made it to the 4-team playoff with 2 losses. Now things could fall apart and someone could be the first to do so but if you already have 2 loses, odds are you may get a third in the next month. So if you are fans of teams like Auburn, Stanford, USC, West Virginia, LSU or Michigan you will have to wait until next year. What about the teams that already have one loss? Well you still have a chance and for that matter as long as you don’t slip up again and can pick up a good win in your Conference Championship you may find yourself in the playoff. Teams like Ohio St, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Washington, Washington St, Virginia Tech, North Carolina St, Washington St and Michigan St could catch fire at the right time and run the table all the way to the playoffs. Looking back at the past 3 years and 6 of the 12 teams to make the playoffs had already had a loss heading into Week 10 of the College season. Once we got to the playoff, 11 of the 12 teams that made it in had a loss and the 2014 Florida St Seminoles who were the only undefeated team to make it to the playoff lost their Semi-final match-up. So how about the undefeated teams that are left out there right now? Who are there and can they keep it going? As we mentioned the 2014 Florida St Seminoles were the only team in the CFP era to make it to the playoffs undefeated. In the past 3 years, there were 25 teams that were undefeated headed into Week 10. With plenty of key regular season match-ups and Conference Championship games the undefeateds seem to drop one way or another. As of right now there are 8 teams that are undefeated (Alabama, Penn St, Georgia, TCU, Wisconsin, Miami-Fl, South Florida & Central Florida).

So how about how teams are ranked now, at the 1st CFP ranking and who made the playoffs. Looking at the last 3 years. The teams that were in the Top 4 in the AP rankings for Week 9, only 6 of the 12 made the playoffs. Of the teams that were in the 1st CFP ranking of the year only 4 of the 12 made the playoffs. Last year many of the top teams stayed close to the top where the Week #9 ranked #1, #3, #4 and #6 made the playoff. In 2015 things were more spread out with #3, #6, #7 and #14 making it and 2014 was similar with #2, #4, #6 and #13. Then you have to look at the overall National Champions. Over the past 3 years the teams that won the National Championship were sitting much higher in Week #9 (2016 – #3 Clemson, 2015 – #7 Alabama, & 2014 – #13 Ohio St).

So lets take a look at the key match-ups coming up over the next few weeks that will decide who will make the College Football Playoffs.

Penn St @ Ohio St Oct. 28th
NC State @ Notre Dame Oct. 28th
Penn St @ Michigan St Nov. 4th
Clemson @ NC State Nov. 4th
Virginia Tech @ Miami-Fl Nov. 4th
Oklahoma @ Okla St Nov. 4th
Stanford @ Washington St Nov. 4th
Washington @ Stanford Nov. 10th
Michigan St @ Ohio St Nov. 11th
Notre Dame @ Miami-Fl Nov. 11th
TCU @ Oklahoma Nov. 11th
Michigan @ Wisconsin Nov. 18th
S. Florida @ C. Florida Nov. 24th
Ohio St @ Michigan Nov. 25th
Washington St @ Washington Nov. 25th

Plus all the Conference Championship Games where we could see current #1 Alabama versus #3 Georgia, #2 Penn St versus #5 Wisconsin, #4 TCU versus #10 Oklahoma and #7 Clemson versus #8 Miami-Fl.

We will be watching some great football over the next few weeks not to forget some big upsets that always seem to happen when we least expect it. So who do you think will make the playoff? Can the SEC, Big-10 or any other conference get 2 teams into the playoff? Will independent Notre Dame take one of the playoff spots? Can the AAC Champion (South Florida or Central Florida) run the table and get into the playoffs? All of those questions make the College Football season the great thing that it is. Make sure you take advantage off all of our CFB action, plus of course the rest of the NFL, NBA, NHL and World Series action by going to . Good Luck!

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