2017 Fantasy Football Preview – Kickers & Def/ST

So the plan was to give you the Running Back Breakdown this week but with the Ezekiel Elliot hearing being held next week, we decided to wait until after that for them. Instead we will jump to the Kickers and Def/Special Teams rankings. Overall these two positions aren’t the most exciting positions in your fantasy draft but having the right picks at these positions could be the difference in a win or two and even a playoff spot and Championship. Now the first thing I will say when it comes to drafting these positions, do not draft either until you have already picked up all your starters at the other positions! So lets take a look at the Kickers and the Def/Special Teams Rankings.

We will start with the kickers. Now many people will say you want kickers from bad teams because they fall apart in the red zone and gives their kickers more FG attempts. This is not true. As a matter of fact it is the exact opposite. Good teams will score more touchdowns but will also get themselves in FG range instead of punting the ball. This will give good team kickers more chances to score overall. Another thing I like to look at is teams that play indoors. This could be a big thing when it comes to late in the fantasy season and into the fantasy playoffs when the weather starts getting cold, windy and even snowy. So here is how we rank the Kickers. We will not list what round to take these players like we do with the other positions because remember, you shouldn’t worry about it until after you have all your starters taken and maybe even a few key reserves.

#1 Stephen Gostkowski – New England Patriots
#2 Matt Bryant – Atlanta Falcons
#3 Mason Crosby – Green Bay Packers
#4 Justin Tucker – Baltimore Ravens
#5 Adam Vinatieri – Indianapolis Colts
#6 Sebastian Janikowski – Oakland Raiders
#7 Dan Bailey – Dallas Cowboys
#8 Chris Boswell – Pittsburgh Steelers
#9 Matt Prater – Detroit Lions
#10 Will Lutz – New Orleans Saints
#11 Blair Walsh – Seattle Seahawks
#12 Dustin Hopkins – Washington Redskins
#13 Cairo Sturgis – Kansas City Chiefs
#14 Brandon McManus – Denver Broncos
#15 Nick Novak – Houston Texans

When it comes to Denfensive/Special Teams many fantasy players look at defensive rankings way more than the special teams, especially returnmen. Someone like Tyreek Hill or Cordarrelle Patterson can be a big advantage to your Def/Special Teams. Here is our rankings.

#1 Denver Broncos
#2 Kansas City Chiefs
#3 Seattle Seahawks
#4 Houston Texans
#5 Minnesota Vikings
#6 New England Patriots
#7 Arizona Cardinals
#8 Jacksonville Jaguars
#9 Atlanta Falcons
#10 Pittsburgh Steelers
#11 Carolina Panthers
#12 Oakland Raiders
#13 St Louis Rams
#14 Baltimore Ravens
#15 New York Giants

That is what we have for Kickers and Def/Special Teams for this upcoming season. Once again don’t jump the gun on these positions as there really isn’t that much difference between most and the ones that do shine with fantasy scoring is often just the luck of the draw. So next week we will go with the Running Backs and hopefully the Ezekiel Elliot suspension will be set. We will also have our overall ranking report finish things off. We would love to hear your comments and ranking of your own here so please leave your comments. While you are waiting for your Fantasy Drafts, make sure you don’t miss out on any of our RED HOT Preseason action here at Razor Sharp Sports! We have continued to score big to start off the year and this Saturday we will be releasing our PRESEASON LOCK OF THE YEAR! So make sure you get all of our winning action at http://www.freeplays.com/handicapper.asp?serviceID=8010 . Good Luck!

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