MLB Top Over/Under Umpires

There are a lot of ways to handicap baseball and an easy one is to simply check the home plate umpires for the days card when they become available and look for Umps that have Over or Under tendencies. Some umpires have a tighter strike zone, which would tend to make for higher scoring games, while a wider strike zone favors the pitcher and fewer runs. Obviously there are many factors that go into determining whether a game will be an Over or Under, but discount the influence of the guy calling the balls and strikes. Here is a list of the top Over and Under umpires so far in 2017.

Here’s a list of the top Over umpires with a minimum of 9 games listed by percentage of Overs.

Manny Gonzalez 7-1-2 87.5%
Alfonso Marquez 10-2 83.3%
Doug Eddings 9-2-2 81.8%
Tom Hallion 11-3 78.6%
Angel Hernandez 10-3 76.9%
Bill Welke 9-3 75.0%
Quinn Wolcott 8-3 72.7%
Jim Wolf 8-3-1 72.7%
Mike Muchlinski 9-4 69.2%
Note Dale Scott is 2-0 and Chris Segal is 5-2 this season but didn’t make list because of small sample size.

Here’s a list of the top Under umpires with a minimum of 9 games listed by percentage of Unders.

Dan Bellino 1-7-3 87.5%
Lance Barksdale 2-10 83.3%
Eric Cooper 2-8 80.0%
Todd Tichenon 2-8-1 80.0%
Paul Nauert 2-7-1 77.8%
Gerry Davis 3-7-2 70.0%
Jordan Baker 3-7-1 70.0%

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