MLB Odds

The boys have summer have taken the field. So will the Chicago Cubs be able to to go back to back this year. They definitely have the tools to do it but do they have the drive and can they stay healthy. That is the question for most teams. Who can make it through the 162-game gauntlet and be ready to get it done in October. Lets take a look at the odds for the upcoming season. We have the World Series Odds, the Pennant Odds and the Regular Season Win Totals. So lets take a look.

Chicago Cubs +400
Boston Red Sox +565
Cleveland Indians +650
Los Angeles Dodgers +1100
Washington Nationals +1100
Houston Astros +1325
New York Mets +1600
Toronto Blue Jays +1700
San Francisco Giants +1800
Texas Rangers +2650
New York Yankees +2650
St Louis Cardinals +3000
Seattle Mariners +3300
Detroit Tigers +4000
Kansas City Royals +4000
Colorado Rockies +5000
Baltimore Orioles +5000
Pittsburgh Pirates +5000
Tampa Bay Rays +10000
Los Angeles Angels +10000
Miami Marlins +10000
Arizona Diamondbacks +13000
Chicago White Sox +15000
Atlanta Braves +16500
Oakland Athletics +17500
Philadelphia Phillies +17500
Minnesota Twins +20000
San Diego Padres +25000
Milwaukee Brewers +30000
Cincinnati Reds +30000

Chicago Cubs +170
Washington Nationals +500
Los Angeles Dodgers +500
New York Mets +785
San Francisco Giants +885
St Louis Cardinals +1400
Pittsburgh Pirates +2250
Colorado Rockies +2250
Miami Marlins +4000
Arizona Diamondbacks +5000
Atlanta Braves +6000
Philadelphia Phillies +6250
San Diego Padres +8000
Milwaukee Brewers +9000
Cincinnati Reds +9000

Boston Red Sox +260
Cleveland Indians +310
Houston Astros +600
Toronto Blue Jays +850
New York Yankees +1250
Texas Rangers +1250
Seattle Mariners +1475
Detroit Tigers +1800
Kansas City Royals +1800
Baltimore Orioles +2250
Los Angeles Angels +4000
Tampa Bay Rays +4000
Chicago White Sox +5800
Oakland Athletics +6500
Minnesota Twins +7000

Arizona Diamondbacks 77½
Atlanta Braves 74½ov55
Baltimore Orioles 80½ov30
Boston Red Sox 92½un40
Chicago Cubs 96½
Chicago White Sox 69½ov20
Cincinnati Reds 69½un20
Cleveland Indians 93½un50
Colorado Rockies 80½ov20
Detroit Tigers 82½un30
Houston Astros 90½ov35
Kansas City Royals 76½ov40
Los Angeles Angels 79½
Los Angeles Dodgers 94½un30
Miami Marlins 76½un30
Milwaukee Brewers 70½ov25
Minnesota Twins 74½ov15
New York Mets 87½ov30
New York Yankees 83½
Oakland Athletics 73½
Philadelphia Phillies 72½un15
Pittsburgh Pirates 83un25
San Diego Padres 66½un45
San Francisco Giants 88½
Seattle Mariners 85½ov15
St Louis Cardinals 83½
Tampa Bay Rays 78½
Texas Rangers 85½un35
Toronto Blue Jays 85½un20
Washington Nationals 91½ov40

So there you go, lets throw out the first pitches and get the season underway. Who do you like? Care to make any predictions? We would love to hear them. Make sure you get all of our Baseball action by going to Razor Sharp Sports. We are working to give you the best sports information around each and every day. Plus don’t forget the NBA & NHL Playoffs are right around the corner! Get all of our winners by purchasing our plays on and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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