Super Bowl – By the Numbers!

So here you go! We have reached Super Bowl Weekend!! All week people have been making their predictions. So how about looking into the Super Bowl more and what everyone has been waiting for, MORE SUPER BOWL PROPS!! Last week we posted some basic props for you. Now here are more for you, especially a lot of those easy OVER/UNDER Numbers. We will also give you some of the wild and wacky ones too!!

Super Bowl Over/Under Numbers
Total number of Punts – 7½ punts
Total number of Sacks – 4 sacks
Total number of Rushing Yards – 225½ rushing yards
Total number of First Downs – 46½ first downs
Total number of 3rd Down Conversions – 12 3rd down conversions
Total number of Fumbles Lost – 1½ fumbles lost
Total number of Interceptions – 1½ interceptions
Total number of Pass Completions – 53 pass completions
Total number of Net Yards – 847½ net yards
Total number of Kickoff Returns – 4 kickoff returns
Total number of Players to have a passing attempt – 2½ players

Super Bowl Player Props
Matt Ryan’s Gross Passing Yards – 324½ yards
Matt Ryan’s Pass Completions – 27 completions
Matt Ryan’s Pass Attempts – 38½ attempts
Tom Brady’s Gross Passing Yards – 310½ yards
Tom Brady’s Pass Completions – 25½ completions
Devonta Freeman’s Rushing Yards – 56½ yards
Devonta Freeman’s Rushing Attempts – 13½ attempts
Devonta Freeman’s Receiving Yards – 34½ yards
Devonta Freeman’s Total Receptions – 4 receptions
Tevin Coleman’s Rushing Yards – 37½ yards
Tevin Coleman’s Rushing Attempts – 9½ attempts
LeGarrette Blount’s Rushing Yards – 60½ yards
Legarrette Blount’s Rushing Attempts – 14½ attempts
Dion Lewis’s Rushing Yards – 42½ yards
Dion Lewis’s Rushing Attempts – 9½ attempts
Dion Lewis’s Receiving Yards – 24½ yards
Dion Lewis’s Receptions – 2½ receptions
Julio Jones’ Receiving Yards – 94½ yards
Julio Jones’ Receptions – 6½ receptions
Mohamed Sanu’s Receiving Yards – 45½ yards
Mohamed Sanu’s Receptions – 4 receptions
Taylor Gabriel’s Receiving Yards – 50½ yards
Taylor Gabriel’s Receptions – 3½ receptions
Julian Edelman’s Receiving Yards – 90½ yards
Julian Edelman’s Receptions – 7½ receptions
Chris Hogan’s Receiving Yards – 59½ yards
Chris Hogan’s Receptions – 4½ receptions
Martellus Bennett’s Receiving Yards – 36½ yards
Martellus Bennett’s Receptions – 3½ receptions
Matt Bryant’s Total Points – 8½ points
Stephen Gostkowski’s Total Points – 9½ points

Weird Wacky Props
Length of the National Anthem (Over/Under) – 2:10
Color of liquid dumps on winning Head Coach – Yellow +200, Orange +250, Clear +300, Blue +400, Red +400, Purple +800, No Bath +1200
Tom Brady’s completions vs. Russell Westbrook’s Points (NBA – Okla City) – Westbrook -5
Matt Ryan’s completions vs. Kyle Lowry’s Points (NBA – Tor.) – Ryan -1½
Total Points in Super Bowl vs. Total Shots in Kings/Capitals (NHL) game – NHL Shots -2
Total Julio Jones Receptions vs. Goals in Swansea City/Man City (EPL) game – Jones -3
Devonta Freeman Rushing Yards vs. Henrik Stenson 4th Round Score (PGA) – Stenson -18½
New England 1st Half Rushing TDs vs Neymar Goals (Barcelona) – Pick’em
Who will President Trump Pick to Win the Super Bowl – New England -2600 Atlanta +1200

Now I know that there are a lot more props out there. I could go on for pages but I am not going to do it! I hope I gave you enough to think about here. What Props do you like? What kind of props do you like to play? What other Props are you looking for? If you want some winning props you don’t want to miss the Razor Sharp Top Props. Last year we went 4-1 with these 5 plays and over the past 6 years we have gone 21-9. This year we are offering 5 more great props including our one Top Prop for $20! So get these, plus check in for our Super Bowl Selections with a Guaranteed Lock on the Side plus bonus total and hoops in our regular service for just $25 this Sunday! Until kickoff we will be here at Razor Sharp Sports working to give you the best sports information around each and every day in the hoops and hockey. Get all of our winners by purchasing our plays on and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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