Turkey Day Trends!

The truly American tradition of stuffing your face until you can barely move and then crash on the couch in from of the TV and watch football kicks things up a notch this year. Not only do we have football, but we should have GOOD football. Of the 6 NFL teams that are playing this Thanksgiving Day, four of them have at least a share of their division lead and all six have a record of .500 or better. We start the day with the NFC North tilt between the 6-4 Vikings and 6-4 Lions. The winner takes the sole possession of division. Then it is the NFC East takes controls with the NFL best record Dallas (9-1) taking on rival Washington (6-3-1). Finally the night cap has the AFC North co-leading Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) at the Indianapolis Colts (5-5). The loser of this could really hurt their playoff hopes. So if that isn’t good enough for you. The one College Football game of the day takes place in the evening with a Top-25 SEC match-up between LSU (6-4) and Texas A&M (8-3). So with the great football action we have, how about taking a look at some of the trends that pop-up!

Lets start things off in the NFL. For decades the word was just play the home teams on Thanksgiving Day and you would have a good day. Well things have changed. It has now been 10 years since the NFL switched over to the 3 game Thanksgiving schedule. Since the switch the road teams are 17-13 straight-up and 16-14 ATS. A much stronger trend would be to play the favorites. Over the last 10 years, Thanksgiving Day favorites are 20-10 ATS including a 9-3 mark by road favorites. Home favorites are also 11-7 in the last 10 years but are just 3-5 over the past 3 years. We all know that the Lions and Cowboys play on Turkey Day, so how do they fair? The Lions all-time Thanksgiving record is 36-37-2 SU. They have won the past 3 years after dropping the seven prior. The Cowboys are 29-17-1 all-time SU and have gone 6-4 the past 10 season. How about some trends when it comes to totals. For year’s there really wasn’t much of a trend to work with on totals, but the past 4 years have changed it up a bit. Of the 12 games plays the last 4 Thanksgivings 9 games have gone Over and only 3 stayed Under.

Lets switch things up to College Football. The past few years we have had 2 games but this year we only have the one. Texas A&M has taken it on as a Thanksgiving tradition of playing on Thursday. We went back to 2010 and found some very solid trends. Incredibly in the 9 college games played on Thanksgiving day, the road teams are 7-2 ATS (4-1 as RD & 3-1 as RF). The totals play is also just as strong with the UNDER going 7-2 in those 9 games.

So there is your Thanksgiving Trend Prep Work! It is kind of like I peeled your potatoes, baked the pumpkin pie and preps the turkey for you. Now all you have to do is cook things up, enjoy the meal and watch some football winners! I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to come! Now don’t forget all of our NFL & CFB action all season long here at Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get all of our winning hoop and hockey action by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck!

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