Fantasy Football Crunch Time!

We are 10 weeks into the NFL season and for most NFL teams we are in the heart of the season. With 6 or 7 games left in the regular season there is still time for a team to get hot and make a move to the playoffs. For Fantasy Football Owners the regular season is coming to a close. Most leagues end their regular season with 13 or 14 weeks and then have the playoffs in the final few weeks of the season. with just 3 or 4 weeks left, these are the weeks that your team has to come together for a playoff push. Right now you can wrap up a high seed or a regular season championship or if you have struggled this year a 3 game win streak may sneak you into the playoffs and then anything can happen. So who are those players that you can add to help you out. Lets take a look and see if we can find a few sleepers that will make the difference.

The first thing you want to look at is the few teams that still have a bye coming up. This week we have 4 teams off (Atlanta, Denver, NY Jets & San Diego), then there are no byes next week but two more teams finish off the byes in week 13 (Cleveland & Tennessee). Then you also want to look at home games. Only the Oakland Raiders stay at home the next 3 weeks. The Jets & Cleveland are home in both of their games in the next 2 weeks but have the bye still. Other teams that have 2 home games in the next 2 weeks include New Orleans, Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Dallas, & Seattle. There are no teams that are on the road for their next 3 games. The final thing you should check out is weather. You want teams at home, in good weather locations and/or in domes. Take a look at the Lions. They have two games at home in a dome and their only road game is also inside at New Orleans. The exact opposite are the Lions division rivals, the Chicago Bears. They have their next game on the road versus the Giants where it could be cold and wind and then the next 2 at home where more than likely it will also be cold and windy. Green Bay, another NFC North team is on the road on the East Coast the next two weeks where you never know about the weather and then at home on what very well could be the “Frozen Tundra” by Week 13.

So now that we have that lets try to find some players that may still be available for you late in the year.

We will start with the Quarterback position. This is a tough position to find any sleepers this time of the year. Their are a couple of youngsters that will get some looks the next couple weeks. If you are desparate you may want to go take a chance with Jared Goff in Los Angeles or Bryce Petty with the Jets. I don’t expect big things but who knows, maybe they can light a fire with their offenses. If I were to go after any QB over the next 3 weeks it would be Detroit’s Matthew Stafford with 3 games in domes. I also expect Drew Brees to continue to put up big fantasy numbers down the stretch. Eli Manning could put up big numbers playing Chicago, Cleveland and then maybe a shootout against Pittsburgh.

The Running Back position could be where you make your move this year. The first place I would look would be in Seattle. Thomas Rawls should finally be ready to go. The Seahawks felt so secure about that, that they released Christine Michael this week. The performance by C.J. Prosise also made Michael expendable. I would look to both Rawls and Prosise to be nice moves late. The Packers, who were in big need in the RB position, picked up Michael and he may get plenty of opportunities there. I know that he isn’t available to pick up but I do expect big things from Oakland’s Latavius Murray. A final sleeper you may want to take a chance on if he is out there and you have an extra roster spot would be to go after Adrian Peterson for Minnesota. He won’t be ready this week but he is now eligible to return from the IR and if things go right, you never know if he will have another fast recovery.

Wide Receiver is another position that you can help yourself over the next few weeks. A guy that no one has heard of, except maybe his parents, is Chicago’s 2nd Year Cameron Meredith from Illinois St. He has moved into the starting lineup with the suspension of Alshon Jeffrey. Also on the other side Eddie Royal is still not 100%. I also like Pittsburgh’s Eli Rogers as a sleeper. Sammie Coates has been dealing with injuries to his hands giving Rogers the starting spot on this high powered offense. I would also look to all of the Giants WRs with a favorable schedule. You know that OBJ will perform, but look for good numbers from Sterling Sheppard and Victor Cruz also. With 2 home dome games you know the Saints will put up plenty of yards and points. Look for #2 & #3 WRs to put up some good numbers with Michael Thomas and Willie Snead. Finally with 3 home games the next 3 weeks, Amari Cooper may be the top performer out wide.

As the weather gets colder you also have to look at the big guys in the middle. The Tight End position has plenty of big time performers. Gronk continues to battle injuries so Martellus Bennett keeps getting plenty of balls from Tom Brady. Minnesota’s offensive line has been questionable lately but the quick passes to Kyle Rudolph continue to work. I would look at him to keep producing. Cincinnati’s Tyler Eifert has looked good since returning from injury. He has 12 catches for 198 yards and a TD in the last 2 weeks. The Seahawks offense has also started to click lately and Jimmy Graham has been a big part of that. He has averaged over 5 catches per game the past 7 games and 77 yards. He also found the end zone twice two weeks ago versus Buffalo. A TE that may still be available and has quietly put up some solid numbers is Tampa Bay’s Cameron Brate. Brate has caught TD passes the last 3 weeks. He has also caught 18 passes in the past 4 weeks.

So there you go, are you ready to make a playoff push in your fantasy league? I hope I have given you a few new options and some good advice. Are there any other players you would take a look at? I would love your input. Now don’t forget all of our NFL action all season long here at Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get all of our winning hoop and hockey action plus by purchasing our plays on, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck

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